When does the first tooth appear in the child? Symptoms and help for baby

When the first tooth appears in the child, forloving moms and dads is almost the most important day in the life of a family in which the baby does not even have a year. And, as a rule, every parent perceives such an event with pride for his crumbs. But do not forget that teething is an extremely painful process for a baby. And any mom should take care of how to relieve the pain.

The first tooth in a child is mostly aged at the age of6 months. The period of eruption, as a rule, is completed by three years. However, it is not worthwhile to focus on these data, as each child is individual, in some, the first tooth can come out in 3 months, in others - after one year.

Symptoms of teething

when the first tooth appears in the child

When the first tooth appears in a child, in addition to pain, other symptoms may appear:

- Swelling and blushing gums - the first sign that the teeth will soon erupt. Two days before the tooth appears, you can feel it with your finger, passing along the gum.

- The gums begin to itch. There is abundant salivation. The child pulls in his mouth all in a row - his fingers, his fist, toys. Often asks for a breast or a bottle, but refuses to eat, as the gums ache.

- There is a decrease in appetite, possibly a digestive disorder.

- Quite often, teething occurs along with an increase in body temperature.

- The child becomes whiny. Often screaming, capricious. There is a violation of sleep, the regime is knocked down.

the first tooth of a child crawls

- Sometimes there is a pain in the ears. The kid tries to get the ear handle from the side where the tooth breaks.

Consequences of drooling during eruption

When the first tooth appears, the baby has skin onchin and near the lips can blush. This is due to the fact that the sensitive skin of the baby reacts poorly to excessive salivation, especially when it is often wiped with napkins. To reduce this factor, you can tie a crumb of a bib or lay a towel under the head while he sleeps. It is better to clean saliva with warm water and a blotter. Napkins use is highly not recommended. Redness can be removed by treating the skin with a natural moisturizing cream, which includes coconut or almond oil.

How to help your child and eliminate pain

baby's first tooth photo

Teething is a processspontaneous, and stimulate it with rusks and bagels is not worth it. Itching can be removed with teethers or gels with lidocaine. It is advisable to buy a teethers, which can be cooled, it removes the edema well and perfectly anesthetizes.

On hygiene and what affects the bite

When the first tooth appears in the child, someparents are wondering if it should be cleaned. Recently, doctors suggest starting hygiene of gums with the help of special napkins immediately.

Many children's dentists believe thatthe formation of healthy teeth and the proper development of the jaw affects breastfeeding. Sucking mouth movements help the baby in the future to avoid the appearance of an incorrect bite. Therefore, it is important for mother and baby to prolong breastfeeding as long as possible. Sometimes the doctors hear the following phrase: "How diligently the baby sucks the mother's breast, later affects his face."

Some parents try to capture the event when the child's first tooth appears. The photo can be signed on the reverse side, indicating the age of the baby. Such a picture is usually left to memory.

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