How and when to make a pregnancy test

Often young women can not wait to find out,whether there was a conception, in the beginning of pregnancy. Happens, the girls, without waiting for a delay in menstruation, run to the pharmacy for a pregnancy test. And then they start to worry about the popular question: when can I do a pregnancy test to get a reliable result?

How does the pregnancy test work?

The method of working the pregnancy test is very similar toa method of tests that detect drugs in the body. Urine contains many different substances that react to special developers. In the body of a pregnant woman, a special hormone (hCG) begins to develop sharply, all pregnancy tests aimed at revealing it. The presence of HCG in the blood - a reliable sign of pregnancy, so if the test is positive, the probability that you are carrying a future baby is 99%.

When can I do a pregnancy test?

HGH hormone is produced very quickly, but thisthe process begins only after implantation, which occurs on the 6-12th day from the moment of conception. Before the implantation, the test will give a negative result. As a result, an ultrasensitive test, determining hCG of 10 mU / ml, can show a subtle second strip not earlier than on the 8-10th day of pregnancy. An ordinary cheap test with a sensitivity of 25 mU / ml will detect pregnancy after 10 days from the moment of conception, provided that the implantation occurred very early. But to speak about the reliability of the negative result of such a test can only be a couple of weeks from the day of conception. Therefore, considering on what day to do the pregnancy test, count two weeks from the prospective day of conception.

How to properly perform a pregnancy test?

Each test is accompanied by an instruction, howeversome women make mistakes, trying to determine their position. First, do not touch the special reaction zone on which the developers are located. Do not allow moisture to enter the test before using it. Secondly, all tests, except for jet (midstream), can not be used in a jet of urine! Find any clean vessel, glass or plastic, that will help you with this procedure. Third, pay attention to test results three to five minutes after use, as indicated in the instructions. Do not wait 10 minutes or more, because during this time, the moisture evaporates and damages the reaction layer. Often a negative test shows a second strip 11-15 minutes after use. It would be a mistake to think that you are pregnant if only one control strip is shown through the time indicated in the instruction. The most suitable time of the day when you can make a pregnancy test with the most accurate result is the morning. In the morning in the body of a pregnant woman contains the maximum amount of hormones HCG. It should be noted that the brightness of the second strip does not matter. The weakest second bar indicates your pregnancy, if the test is performed correctly, and you do not take special medications containing this hormone.

If you correctly calculated, when you can dopregnancy test, and the test gave you a negative result, the probability that you are not pregnant is 90%. The remaining 10% is the probability of late implantation and a slow growth in the amount of hCG. Therefore, if a week after the negative result, menstruation has not started, then do the test again. The false-negative test result may be affected by abnormalities in the functioning of the kidneys.

Knowing how and when you can do a test onpregnancy, you are most likely to get a reliable result. Find out if you will soon become a mom, now you can at home, without being enrolled in the queue for a doctor!

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