Aquarium fish for beginners: what to choose?

In the bustle of city life, many people want to havea pet. But cats and dogs require a lot of attention and time. Also often allergic to animal hair. Therefore, aquarium fish is an excellent solution, because it does not require special care, it needs only to feed and change the water in time.

Aquarium fish for beginners

Before you buy an aquarium, you need to determine its size. The more it will be, the better. If you have limited finances, then you will approach an aquarium of 192 cm2. In fact, everything depends on the densityoccupancy. Aquarium fish for beginners should be small in size. Marine pets should choose a house with a capacity of 18 liters. The ideal formula for calculating the volume of the aquarium is simple: you need to take the length of the fish without taking into account its tail and calculate it in relation to the aquarium area.

Aquarium fishes for beginners must matchon the habitat. It is not necessary to combine the inhabitants of the sea depths and fresh lakes. A frequent mistake is the incorrectly calculated acid-base balance and water hardness. Also important is the temperature of the water. It is also determined depending on the type of fish. Take into account that some representatives can live in water with strong currents in natural conditions, others like rocky bottom. Therefore, aquarium fish for beginners should be selected by a specialist. Or you need to learn a large amount of information yourself. If you have never before

Aquarium goldfish
there were fish, it is best to stay on one form.

Before starting an aquarium fish forbeginners, think again about your choice. Rare species are predators, but even herbivorous specimens can eat smaller individuals. Also, some fish can aggressively protect their territory. These should be deposited in a separate container. Think about what kind of food you need. Will I need to cook it every day.

Often an aquarium goldfish becomesthe choice of a beginner aquarist. They are very beautiful and do not require special care. In their capacity must necessarily be plants and stones. It is better to keep the temperature in the region of +26 degrees. It is preferable to give the feeds live, it is also possible to use boiled cereals, lettuce leaves and dry bread. Sometimes you can give dry food.

Aquarium fish
Good aquarium fish for beginners - guppies. They are small, unpretentious, bright. Especially the males are amazed by their appearance. They are easy to buy. It is enough to go to the nearest pet store. Another suitable type of fish is swordfish. Here they can survive even a slight drop in temperature. This does not affect their health in any way. They can be fed to everyone, but it is better to use live food.

In addition to selecting the species of fish, it is important to choosepet Shop. Unfortunately, animal welfare norms are far from being respected everywhere, and therefore there is a risk to buy a sick pet. Therefore, beforehand, ask the seller about the condition of the fish, how to take care of them. A good specialist will be happy to answer all your questions. He will also warn you against possible mistakes. In some cases, you can even refuse to buy.

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