How many to walk with the newborn in the spring. How long does it take to walk with a newborn

In the period of expectation of the child, the future mother and notrepresents how many questions she might have. At normal sorts the newly made parent with the kid write out from a maternity department on 5-10th day. This day becomes the first when the crumb hits the street. In this article we will talk about how much to walk with the newborn. You will learn the peculiarities of walks in different seasons. Also worth mentioning is how much you need to walk with the newborn.

how many to walk with the newborn

Opinions of doctors

How much you can walk with a newborn and whenIs it better to start? Doctors do not have a common opinion on this matter. Some pediatricians claim that air baths should be taken immediately after discharge from the maternity hospital. Other doctors strongly recommend waiting two weeks. The third group of pediatricians assures that it is possible to take the baby out for a walk not earlier than in a month. How to be young parents? How many to walk with the newborn and when to start?

The first walk (discharge)

How many to walk with the newborn for the first time? Your first exit to the street will take place in the maternity hospital. End the walk when you get home. That is why there are no strict limitations. However, do not immediately go from the hospital to the park or shopping centers. The baby is still very small and weak for such walks. Try to get home as soon as possible.

How many to walk with the newborn on the first and subsequent times?

When you decide that the baby is strong enough,you can go out. Acceptance of the first air baths after discharge should last no more than a quarter of an hour. Be sure to follow the reaction of the baby in this period of time. Put it on so that the crumb does not freeze. Also bad for the child's health and overheating.

If the first experience was successful, how many canto walk with a newborn for the second time? Doctors say that every day you can add 10 minutes. So, the second time you can be on the street for about half an hour. It is also necessary to observe the actions of the crumbs.

Gradually, by the second month of life, the durationsuch walks can be increased to 3-4 hours. Closer to half-year allowed to stay outdoors all day long. However, it must be remembered that the crumb should not freeze or subcool. Also the child needs to be fed in a timely manner, which is not always possible in public places.

how much you can walk with the newborn

Summer walks

Through how many you can walk with a newborn - you already know. If the crumbs are well tolerated in outdoor activities, then how should you go for walks in the summer?

Physicians say that you need to go tothe morning hours. If the child wakes up early, then it is quite acceptable to walk with it from 8 to 10 am. In this period of time there is still no scorching and hot sun, which can harm the baby's skin. In the period from 12 to 16 hours it is better to refrain from walking. If you really want to, you can take the air bath in the shade.

After 17-18 hours you can also go outside. After an evening walk, the baby will be better off eating and sleeping at night. Walking with a crumb at this time is from one to two hours.

Walking with a child in the fall

This period of time (when it's not cold, but not hot) allows you to be on the street all day. At the same time your baby should be healthy, dry and nourished.

Some moms say that walking withThe newborn should not exceed three hours. However, it is not. The longer your baby is in the open air, the stronger will be his immunity in the future.

how much you can walk with a newborn in the spring

Winter walks

Through how many walk with the newborn in a coldseason? Pediatricians strongly do not recommend going out until a two-week-old is short. Each walk should not last more than 30 minutes.

Physicians say that you can go tostreet several times a day. In sum, the time spent in fresh air should be from one and a half to three hours. Take care that the baby does not freeze. Always bring a warm blanket or blanket. Even if you go out for 10 minutes.

At an air temperature below 15 degrees CelsiusDo not go out with a newborn baby from home. If this temperature in your region lasts a long time, you can replace the usual stays on the street with a dream on a glass balcony or veranda.

through how much you can walk with the newborn

How long can you walk with a newborn in the spring?

If it is a cold and rainy March, thendo not go on the first walk on the street for more than 10 minutes. This time is quite enough to get a portion of oxygen and a little cool. The time of the next walk should not be doubled. This is allowed only in warm weather at a comfortable temperature. Come out with the child several times a day for 10 minutes. This schedule should be kept for at least a week. Then add another 10 minutes to your air baths. As soon as the street becomes warmer, you can safely increase the length of stay in the fresh air.

Late spring (in May) should be followedthe schedule of walks described for the summer. Usually during this period it is already quite hot in the daytime, but still cool in the morning and evening. Do not go out for the whole day and go for a walk without a break. For sure in the morning hours you will put the child in such clothes, which will be hot for a day's sleep in the air. Be sure to take breaks. Come home to change and feed the baby.

how much to walk with the newborn

Walking after illness

How much you can walk with a newborn in the spring, ifhe suffered a viral or bacterial disease? During an exacerbation of symptoms, doctors generally do not recommend going out. The slightest draft or hypothermia can trigger the occurrence of complications of pathology. Allowed to walk with a crumb only after his complete recovery. Even if the baby does not already have fever for several days, but he still coughs and snot, then put off the walk. However, fresh air in this period is simply necessary for the child. Ventilate the room, but avoid being in the room at this moment.

The first walks after the illness should continueabout half an hour. If there was no deterioration of well-being, then increase the time of each walk by 10-15 minutes, gradually approaching the usual for you date.

through how many walk with the newborn

Summary, or Concluding remarks

So, you learned how much to walk withnewborn baby in different periods. If the baby was born prematurely, then all these rules are not applied to it. In this case, you should consult a pediatrician. Only a doctor can decide how much and when you can walk with a child. Perhaps, it will be necessary to wait more than one month. Adhere to the above tips. Health to you and your baby!

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