Builder's Day: the date of the holiday

Many workers have their own professionaldate. For people involved in construction, repair, decoration works, there is a holiday - Day of the builder. The date is designated as the 2nd Sunday in August, and it was celebrated since 1956 by a special decree of 06.09.1955.

Builder's day: date
From the history

The profession of "builder" appeared with the development ofhuman civilization: people built houses, villages appeared. It is no coincidence that in the USSR the supreme authority decided to allocate its own day for the builders. This is due to the large-scale erection of objects in those years, the implementation of five-year plans, the construction of hydroelectric stations. Hard work fell on the shoulders of the workers, and the government understood this.

Day of the builder, the date of which is defined inAugust, plays an important role in public life: he teaches to take care of people's work. The first holiday was held in 1956. They celebrated it with mass festivities, lectures, reports, exhibitions. In the Central Park a meeting of workers of the Leninsky district of Moscow was held, which built residential buildings in the south-west of the capital, the Lenin Stadium (now Luzhniki), the building of the Moscow State University.

In the USSR, Builder's Day, the date of which wasin the middle of August, was an important holiday. On this day, parks, monuments, stadiums and even entire microdistricts were opened, competitions were held. Also, the government organized various concerts, representatives of enterprises awarded honorary diplomas to the best workers.

builder's day 2013: date

Builder's Day 2013: the date of the holiday

Today each region is trying to contribute somethingits: interesting ideas, new traditions, cultural events. But everywhere in the Russian Federation concerts are held on this day, there are meetings of builders. The tradition of rewarding the best workers in the construction industry, as well as veterans, has been preserved.

This year the celebration was celebrated on August 11.In all major cities there were festivities, concerts, meetings, exhibitions, competitions. Day builder, whose date is known to almost every Russian family, is celebrated in those countries that used to be part of the USSR.

To build means to create and erect.A builder is always surrounded by honor and attention, his work is important and responsible. The quality of our life depends on how well the objects are built. It must be remembered that the profession is subordinated only to skilful, strong and hardworking personalities, but even they need signs of attention and support. Do not forget to thank the familiar builders for their work, to congratulate relatives and friends on their professional day, because it is so nice to receive gifts and attention signs.

congratulations on the day of the builder
Congratulations on Builder's Day

You are a builder - this means,

You do not tolerate failure.

You have a job in hand

Difficult, to sweat.

The object you build on time, as it should.

With you, your colleagues are close.

You are the best builders -

Life organizers.

The whole site appreciates you,

You are a very important person,

Still responsible and smart,

Though you are very noisy.

Live and rejoice more often,

Let life, like sugar, be sweet.

Let your hands be golden

And then build large buildings!

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