Day of health in kindergarten - happiness for the child

health day in kindergarten

For many of us (probably for a smallexcept) the kindergarten remained in memory with such a magical country. Withdrawing back their children, everyone hopes that the baby will get into a fairy tale, where he will be taught to love, create, teach to be kind and, of course, healthy. And indeed it is. After all, no children's institution is distinguished by such a multitude of diverse approaches for the formation of a future full-fledged personality, like a kindergarten. A number of holidays, matinees, amusements, games, thematic days are far from being a complete list of activities aimed at the development and strengthening of the children's organism. The Day of Health in the kindergarten, as one of such events, deserves special attention.

Its goal is to reach all the children of the kindergartenvarious forms of physical education throughout the day, to enhance health work in groups. The content of the work is determined by the abilities of the educators and the desire of the children. And the greatest desire among pupils of a kindergarten is a game. The game is the need of every child, it gives kids joy and pleasure, develops the ability to realize their actions and actions. It is the mobile game that has a great advantage for the all-round development of the child. The nature of mobile activities in many games provides both muscle work and the possibility of personal initiative of children. Moving games stimulate the child's mental development, regulate and deepen children's ideas about the environment, develop attention, memory. Another feature of mobile games is the education of a sense of mutual assistance and support of the team. Do not forget that in the events included in the Health Day in the kindergarten, all pupils of the kindergarten should, as far as possible, participate. Therefore, in this case, an individual approach to each pupil is very important. On the basis of this, the age factor should also be taken into account, so that the Day of Health in the kindergarten really turned out to be a holiday, and not become an unbearable competition.

children's holidays competitions
Do not forget about the role of parents in trainingand organization of the Day of Health. After all, how much will the activity of the kids increase if they know that there is a close person nearby, passionately "sick" for them and fully supporting them in all their endeavors. And if one of the parents also takes part in the competitions, there will be no limit to joy! From this, children's holidays, competitions dedicated to health promotion will only benefit.

A day of health should help children become stronger,faster and, most importantly, healthier. For this, be sure to choose games that are associated with movement through the territory, running and various power exercises. All sorts of relay races, games for quick reaction like "Third - extra", "Cats and mice", ball games etc. will develop perfectly. The development of muscle mass, cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system will all result from properly selected exercises. The main thing is that all events are held in a game form.

scenarios of children's holidays for preschool children
Also, close attention should be paid todistribution of games in time. It has long been known that after eating, you can not exercise. Also, one should not run around before daytime sleep. Give children the opportunity to run and jump, and then play with them in cognitive games that will attract the younger generation to a healthy lifestyle. An example is the game in the division into good and bad habits from the pictures. You can discuss with the children the use of hardening, the need to wash your hands and brush your teeth, eat right (there are not only sweets, but also vegetables, meat, fruit, cereals), etc. And everything needs to be done in an interesting game form so that the pupils do not get bored .

The mood of children, their spiritual and physicalthe state will be higher the more thorough the training of educators, the more elaborate will be the physical activities, games and scenarios of children's holidays for preschoolers. And there are no trifles here! After all, it is so necessary that every Day of Health in the kindergarten be special and memorable, capable of becoming a bright fairy tale, which can be remembered for many years. After all, children - this is the only happiness in our lives, for which it is worth trying and put it to the maximum to hear their loud laughter and see a joyful gleam in the eyes!

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