Tritons in the aquarium: maintenance and care

Currently, it's hard to surprise anyoneturtles or fishes that live in your home pond. Another thing - the newts in the aquarium. We know very little about these creatures, but all because they are nocturnal, and in nature they are very difficult to meet.

newts in the aquarium

Tritons in the aquarium with good care canto live up to thirty years. Straight long-livers! Real water newts are close relatives of salamanders and are under protection. Their content is limited, but ordinary subspecies (comb, alpine and needley) are well known to aquarists. In total there are 10 species of such amphibians, which can be kept at home.

These are very slow animals. For them it is not difficult to hang in one position and stay in this state for several hours, while keeping only on one support.

Tritons in the aquarium: content

newts in the aquarium

Many believe that the content of amphibians is a troublesome business, and caring for them takes a long time. But this is not so. Having a certain knowledge, each person can take care of these animals.

Amphibians belong to cold-blooded animals. The optimum temperature for your aquarium pets is within 15-20 degrees. Therefore, there can be no question of heating systems, which are used to heat water in aquariums, and even the home pond should be located away from heating devices. It's hardest to keep the right temperature in the summer months, when the heat is on the street.


triton content
Despite the fact that all newts areamphibians, there are subspecies that live exclusively in water, but many need a periodic sortie on land. If you plan to get representatives of both varieties, it is best to purchase a universal two-sphere aquarium. The original design will create the necessary conditions for the animals, and even give the pond some exotic character. You can build a raft, pour an island, etc. There may be several options, it all depends on your imagination and abilities.

Tritons in the aquarium do not feel badsingle, but can live in groups. If you decide to have a few newtons, keep in mind that each of them needs at least 12 liters of water. Therefore, it is necessary to think about a tank of the appropriate size in advance. The animals are characterized by regular molting, after which they immediately eat up their old shell.

Feeding animals

Awareness of the correct content of theirpets should not be limited to these tips. You still need to know what to feed the newt in the aquarium, so that your pet will rejoice you for many years.

Amphibians prefer live food: earthworms, slugs, bloodworms, larvae, small shrimps. They also like to eat frozen fish slices, lean meat, kidneys, liver. Do not forget about vitamins. That your aquarium newts are not fattened, it is necessary to arrange once a month for them a fasting day.

than feed a newt in an aquarium

Contents with fish

Keep tritons together with aquarium fishIt is not worth it because of the requirements for temperature conditions. Too much of a difference. In addition, the diseases that fish suffer are deadly to amphibians, and large fish can even injure animals, so the newts in the aquarium do not get along with other inmates.

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