Riddles about light - we study the phenomena of nature

At all times children are very fond of puzzles. And this is not surprising. After all, they help to develop thinking, to study various phenomena of nature, the properties of things, the connection of one object with another.

Mysteries in books and on the Internet are pretty much: about animals, birds, people, about various things and nature, about everything that surrounds us.

Riddles about the light

In the books you can find many mysteries about the light. This is no accident. After all, this is one of the most important phenomena of nature.

Much is connected with it. In the morning, when it becomes light, the children go to the kindergarten, to school, the adults to work. When the sun is shining, it's warm outside. When the flowers bloom brightly, the birds celebrate the new day. In the spring, when the day becomes longer, all the nature comes to life.

puzzles about the light
Light children are associated with the sun in children. And the sun is life. Therefore children very much like riddles about light. Often they come up with their own and make plans for other children.

Known are such riddles as:

- Light cat jumped into the window.

- What can not be hidden and locked in a box?

- Every day in the morning, he visits us.

- Meta, metu - does not go away. I drive, I drive - it does not go away. As time will come - he will leave.

Mysteries for children about the light bulb

Also, light can be associated with a light bulb. Because when it turns on, it becomes light in any room, despite the fact that it's a dark time outside. On this occasion, too, you can pick up riddles about the light, more precisely - about the light bulb:

- Finger of times - light went out, finger two - again light.

- Without matches, without kerosene, once - and light. What is it?

- A wire to the ceiling, a bubble hangs from the ceiling, as soon as you turn it on - a light appears.

"It looks like a pear, but you can not eat it."

puzzles about the light for children
In books you can find not only riddles about the light, but also sayings, omens and so on. For example:

- without a friend and the white light is not nice;

- light always wins the dark;

- If you study, a brighter future awaits, and not to study is dark;

- the light stands up to darkness, darkness - to light;

- if by chance you see a bright insight in your home - there will be happiness.

And in fairy tales, you can find differentexpressions associated with light. For example: "light, my mirror," "white light," "no light no dawn," "light", "lighted up the light," "a ray of light in darkness," and so on.

This phenomenon in our life

Riddles about light for children are taught to distinguish thatmeans light and dark, good and evil, good and bad. Through puzzles, children learn what electricity is and what daylight is. They begin to understand that always behind the dark strip will follow the bright one.

Yes, and adults often find the expression "believe in a brighter future."

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