Self-inflating mattress - pledge of a great picnic

self-inflating mattress

A famous saying of a classic if histo paraphrase to a more modern way, may sound like this: "And what kind of Russian does not like to rest in nature?" There are no such. Another thing is that sometimes we do not have enough time to escape from the clutches of the city and be alone with our thoughts and all the splendor that the sandy beaches, river whirlpools, forest thickets offer us.

But if you did find a free day forcampaign, we must prepare well for him. First of all, it is necessary to determine what to take with you. Your journey will be more comfortable if you take a self-inflating mattress to the tent. Especially if the trip is planned with an overnight stay.

It's been a long time since the days when fashioninflatable mats or mattresses. New technologies dictate their laws. Today, few people will give preference to the models of the last century. After all, we have a new miracle - a self-inflating mattress.

What can you say about him?

  • First, it is made of polyester. The strength of the material increases the service life, and the ease does not affect the weight of your luggage.
    self-inflating mattress in the tent
  • Secondly, it is covered with anti-slip material, which is very convenient during sleep.
  • Thirdly, these models are characterized by good thermal insulation. The air in them does not cool down during the whole night.
  • Fourth, the self-inflating mattress does not require special care.
  • Fifthly, it should be noted and small uniform grooves on the surface. They are designed to reduce the weight and size of the product assembled.

Many people who have extra pounds, oftenexperience that a self-inflating mattress can strongly sag under them. There is a fear that there will be uneven ground. In fact, this is a mistake. If even you feel some discomfort, you just need to add some air with a pump.

How to use this mattress correctly?

The principle of operation of this product is based on the characteristics of the internal filler. Through open valves, air enters, is absorbed and retained by a special material.

self-inflating mattress 178õ51õ3 cm bestway
The specificity of the new technology is such that even at high pressures the self-inflating mattress does not deform and does not bend.

Do not expect that the product will immediately be declared inprice tag sizes. First, straighten it and open all the valves. Then let them lie down in a warm state for a while. Only then will the material stretch and match the parameters.

It's also quite easy to assemble it. It is enough to open the valves and roll the self-inflating mattress into a small roll. In this form, it takes up a minimum of space. A little tip: it's better to buy products with brass valves. They are slightly more expensive, but these mattresses are stronger.

If you can not decide the choice,offer you to try to buy a self-inflating mattress 178x51x3cm Bestway. This company has proved itself well in the domestic market, despite the distrust of many of the items of Chinese production. The kit includes a carrying case for easy transportation and storage and a mat that can be laid on the mattress for more comfort. In a word, this product can become a good friend in any hike.

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