Aquarium fishes of pecilia - decoration of any house

In the southern part of North America, and moredegree in the south of Mexico, for the first time it was discovered amazing in its appearance and behavior fish. At present, aquarium fish of pecilia, which man has adapted to life outside wildlife, perfectly feel at home. This marine creature appeared in Russia in the 50's and immediately won the appreciation of fish breeders. In Europe, pecilia - an aquarium fish (photo - in the article) - was much earlier and had already become a popular inhabitant of the aquarium.

aquarium fishes of pecilia

To distinguish a female from a male is not difficult. Usually the female has a larger body about 7 centimeters long, while the male does not reach 6 cm in length. This is due to the natural purpose of the female to bear young.

Ripening of babies to the sexual maturityends about six months. Males mature longer - up to one year. Fertilization of female individuals occurs in their bodies, after which the time of pregnancy begins. The period of gestation covers from 10 to 60 days. In total, aquarium fish of pecilia give birth to up to 80 calves. They can breed every month and a half. The favorable temperature of water is about 25-27 degrees. The little fish that are born are completely independent and able to eat the food they offer. After birth, they can be planted in a separate aquarium. Its capacity should be at least 30 liters, so that the babies born can move freely in space.

aquarium fish
The name "multicolor" aquarium fish of peciliaare quite deserved, because their bodies are painted with different bright colors. On the sides of the males in the transverse direction are bands (3-6 pieces) formed from merged brown or black spots. The back of their torso is blue, and the front is white and yellow. The color of the dorsal fin and tail is yellow and red, the dorsal fin also contains a dark ornament with a black rim. Near the caudal fin there are two bright spots of black color. The females have a dark color, this is different from males. Mostly the body is painted in gray-brown or brown and olive colors, on the sides - red zigzags. With the help of the experiments carried out, their specific species were distinguished, differing in a different color composition. In particular, the aquarium fishes of the Pecilia mottled have a characteristic color, like blue, red, golden, etc. The body of the multicolor pecilia differs in a definite shape, it is somewhat flat on the side of the flanks, the lower rays of the fin are elongated, and its main part is rounded. Pecilia has small heads, slightly upturned mouth and large eyes. Females have an outgrowth like a sword in the fin. In males, there is no such thing and their bodies are more slender than females.
Pecilia Aquarium Fish Photo
For many owners, the best choice is pecilia- an aquarium fish, which is active and peaceful and likes to swim closer to the surface of the aquarium. To ensure that the fish does not feel discomfort, you should take care of a sufficiently large space for free swimming in the aquarium. If such fish are properly and regularly fed, they will not chase their own fry. But in order to avoid the problems of newborn calves, it is better to put it in a separate container in time.

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