Palpitation, tapered with Pregnancy depends on many factors

Palpitation, fasting during pregnancy,many women worry. Attacks of rapid heartbeat - this is a normal biological response to a fairly serious changes in the female circulatory system. But should this really be a cause for concern? It all depends on the true cause of a strong heartbeat.


Many describe this state as a feelingsome jerks, twists, jumps, claps in the throat, chest, neck. Those whose heart beats constantly, do not notice individual strokes, but they are often overactive, irritable, and soon easily tired.

Other symptoms indicative of palpitations during pregnancy:






Frequent palpitations during pregnancy cancaused by stress. A woman during this period undergoes a variety of hormonal and, of course, physical changes, so that stress is considered normal in pregnancy.

In an interesting situation, significantchanges in the female body. For example, the heart now pumps about 50% more blood than usual and the cardiac output is significantly increased. This leads to a heavy load on the heart, and can also become the main cause of rapid heart rate. In addition, the level of progesterone in the body of a woman increases, and this can also increase the heartbeat.

If pregnant in excess consumes tea and coffee, then such drinks can also cause an accelerated rhythm of the heart.

All pregnant women are advised to do anyphysical activities. Here it is important to try not to overdo it, it is advisable to rest from time to time. Otherwise, physical fatigue, dizziness, headache, rapid heartbeat may occur.

Another reason is the anemia that occursdue to a deficiency of hemoglobin in the female body. Hemoglobin is a protein found in blood red cells. At pregnancy almost twice the amount of blood increases. Therefore, the body of women needs much more useful iron. If the need for iron is not replenished, anemia occurs, which causes a heartbeat, rapid onset during pregnancy. It can also cause magnesium deficiency in the woman's altered organism. In addition, the lack of such a trace element can often be the cause of such unpleasant symptoms as vomiting and morning sickness.

Some drugs that cause side effects,can cause a strong heartbeat during pregnancy. In this case, you need to minimize the use of such drugs or replace them with others.

In most cases, palpitation, rapidityduring pregnancy, a fairly normal situation. But if other symptoms appear along with this symptom - shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, excessive sweating, loss of consciousness, then an immediate consultation of the doctor treating you is necessary.

Actions that help to eliminate a strong heartbeat

Important: try to avoid as much as possible various stressful situations. Fears, anxiety, stress and panic only provoke heartbeats.

Stop consuming coffee, chocolate and cola, strong tea, if there is a suspicion that they cause a strong palpitation.

Do not smoke. Contained in tobacco nicotine, can be the main cause of heartbeats.

Do not drink any alcoholic beverages.

In no case, do not use any kind of narcotic substances (cocaine, amphetamines).

Also, avoid drugs with stimulating effects, such as decongestants and antitussives, or remedies for a common cold.

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