How to properly cut the Spitz?

Cute and friendly Spitz by naturehave a thick, beautiful and silky hair. The tail of this breed is luxurious. In order to properly cut the spitz, you need to turn to a professional, namely to the groomer. Having enough experience, the master will be able to turn your pet into a sleek and well-groomed pet of the family.

Hair care Spitz

Since the Spitz has a very thick and beautiful coat,then you can cut it in different ways. Hairs differ in characteristic luster and stiffness, and on the neck a chic collar is formed. In addition, the wool of these dogs is very well colored in different colors.

cut the spitz

There are situations when confusedregion. To prevent this, the pet should be constantly combed, ideally - every day. Before starting this procedure, the wool should be moistened with a special spray, which facilitates the process. After that, a large parting is done near the head, and combing the hair bundles from the roots begins, dividing them into strands.

How to wash the Spitz?

It is often impossible to wash a dog. It is better, if this procedure will be carried out not more often than once a month, but in case of acute necessity it is allowed to do this twice. Shampoos and conditioners are used for this breed of dogs. It is important to remember that getting water in the ears of a spitz is unacceptable, so before washing, it is better to plug them with cotton swabs. After the procedure is completed, you need to pull out the wet cotton wool and gently wipe the ears of the pet with dry sticks.

where to cut the Spitz

Dead hair can be removed manually afterbathing. Next, the dog needs to be dried with a hair dryer while combing it. For the procedure it is better to take the device on a rack, then the owner will have both hands free. It is unacceptable to leave the pet to dry naturally: the spitz's hair is very thick and will dry for a long time, so the dog can get cold, and wet hairs become entangled.

where to cut the Spitz

Usually, spitzes are trimmed with a fur that is around the ears and on the paws.

Haircut at home: how to carry out the procedure correctly?

To begin with, Spitz refers to such breeds of dogs that require quality care for their hair. But before you cut the spitz at home, you need to prepare some tools:

  • Nuggets.
  • Scissors are small (straight).
  • Scissors straight (large).
  • Scissors for filing.
  • Manganetsovka in case of unforeseen situations.

Rules of a hairstyle

Before the procedure you need to cut the dog's nails, and do it at least once a week.

trimmed pomeranian

To shorten the coat on the paws, one must takesmall scissors with straight ends. You need to cut everything, even between the pads of your fingers. Once the procedure is completed, take a long, straight scissors and begin to adjust the hairline on the paws in such a way that a smooth posture is obtained.

Remember: you can trim the spitz correctly only if the dog is standing. So, you need to fluff the hair and comb it vertically. The front and back legs are cut to one type. But the fur that grows between the fingers should be left.

How to cut the ears of a spitz?

In order for your pet's ears to become small and neat, you'll have to work hard on them:

  • We grasp the auricle between two fingers.
  • You need to move from the base up, carefully feeling the skin of the dog, so as not to damage it.
  • As soon as you reach the tip of the ear, cut it in such a way that it turns out a beautiful and accurate rounding. The cut should be placed parallel to the head.

If you find it difficult to cut a spitz with scissors, then you can take an electric typewriter and the biggest nozzle. In this case, the procedure will be much faster, and the result will be the same.

Grummer for dogs

Spitz is a breed of dogs that requires special care. This is due primarily to the animal's fur. It should be combed every day, and dogs of this breed really like this attention of the owners.

cut the spitz price

If your pet will participate in exhibitions,then shorten the coat is not recommended, but allowed to cut only the ears and under the tail, to ensure hygiene. You can only cut those dogs that will not attend competitive events. There is an option to do it yourself, but there is no guarantee that it will turn out beautifully. Therefore, many people ask: where to cut the Spitz?

To do this, there are special hairdressers for dogs, in which professional grommers can not only properly straighten the fur, but also paint it in different colors.

Cut spitz: the price of the question

Cost of haircuts for the Spitz will depend onWhat kind of hair do you choose for your pet: hygienic, traditional or exhibition. For example, a pet's haircut in the salon can cost from 1900 to 2100 rubles. And when ordering complex care, the cost will be within 3 thousand rubles.

If your pet needs to be trimmed traditionally, it will first be washed with a special shampoo, then rinsed with air conditioner, which will easily comb it, and dry it with a hair dryer.

As a result, the trimmed Spitz will look like this:

  • Ears will take a charming round shape.
  • The paws will be cut so that a "feline effect" will be created.
  • The coat will be smooth.
  • Carefully and briefly, for hygiene purposes, it is cut around the genitals and the root of the tail.
  • With the help of a thinning will create a beautiful silhouette.

It should be noted that a correctly and correctly trimmed Spitz is like a teddy bear. The main thing is not to forget to comb it daily and take care of the hair.

Many owners of this breed do not want dogsspend time and money on similar activities. But in vain - Spitz with a hairdo looks very attractive. A beautiful, neat pet is an indicator of the owner's love and care.

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