What should include caring for children?

How strong and healthy will growthe child, in many respects depends on how correctly the rules of caring for the baby will be observed. Even if the family has older children, with the advent of the newborn, parents have new questions. How much should a child eat, how to properly implement hygiene measures? What else should include caring for young children?

Daily hygiene of the child

Care for children
The basic procedure for a newborn is a changediaper. You can use disposable products or that require washing. Change the diaper as it gets dirty. First remove the dirty product, then wash the baby and gently wipe it with a towel or diaper. If there are any irritations on the skin, lubricate them with cream or oil. You can use baby powder, if the child has a tendency to the appearance of diaper rash. Childcare should include general hygiene measures - a daily bath, and for older children - a shower. Do not forget about washing, regular hand washing. It is also necessary to clean the ears of the child daily using cotton swabs. For newborns, care of the umbilical wound is also important. It is washed with hydrogen peroxide, then it is processed with greenery.

Feeding babies

Child Care by Month
Any tips for caring for a child should includein itself recommendations regarding the nutrition of the child. In the first months of life the basis of the newborn's diet is mother's milk or its substitute. But already with 3-4 months you can enter the juice of fruits and vegetables, as well as porridge. New products are added to the diet gradually, but by the year the baby should regularly eat not only vegetable food, but also dairy products, meat and fish, as well as a variety of cereals and pasta. Do not forget about the variety of drinks, even in 8-9 months, the baby can not only juice diluted with water, but also tea, as well as compotes and fruit drinks. Do not forget that care for the child by months should be in accordance with the recommendations of the observing pediatrician. All children are different, and if the baby is allergic to some kind of food or the need for a certain nutrient element, it must be timely provided.

Education and training

Tips for caring for a child
The main emotional need of a baby iscommunication. From the very birth with the child should talk during periods of wakefulness, comment on all their actions and teach the child to play. The first developmental lessons consist in the display of bright toys, the story of rhymes and songs of the mother. But after a year the child can be taught to play role-playing games. Do not forget that caring for children should include competently selected developmental activities. Do not try to teach a child something, if he has not a marked mood. Remember that it is difficult for younger children to concentrate on one thing for a long time, accordingly, "lessons" should last from 5 to 15 minutes. Always consider the mood and wishes of the child, and then you together can achieve fantastic results. Carry children for these simple rules, and you can easily grow a healthy person and a harmoniously developed personality.

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