Little kittens: how to distinguish a boy from a girl?

It would seem that it could be easier? But this problem is especially important for those who have thoroughbred kittens. How to distinguish a boy from a girl and not make a mistake? After all, for breeders this is very important, but often there is confusion. Adult individuals can be distinguished not only by sex, but also by behavior and appearance, which greatly facilitates the examination. Kittens look almost the same. In this article you will learn the main features and characteristics of the sex of small pets. To conduct a survey is best immediately after their birth or in the first days (photo 1). Following the advice and applying them in practice, you will know exactly who your kittens really are. How to distinguish a boy from a girl? It is not so difficult. Just need to remember ... punctuation marks.

kittens how to tell a boy from a girl

The main sexual characteristics. What is the difference between small kittens?

Pick up the tail of your pet and carefullyconsider the space below the tummy. You will immediately notice two holes. One of them, which is located at the base of the tail, is anal. Next will be the genitals. It's easier to do this while you have small kittens. All the "series" in a row (the following repeated inspections) follow a simple rule that will help to distinguish the kids on the floor. In newborn seals-boys (see photo 2), the distance from one hole to the other is at least one centimeter. Visually it looks like a colon. In girls, the anal "hole" almost merges with the genitals, and the urethral canal is similar to a slit (photo 3). Therefore, in the form of symbols, this is analogous to a point and a dash.

kittens all series in a row

Newborn kittens. How to distinguish a boy from a girl?

While the "babies" are still wet, do it prettyjust. After all, the wool has not yet exploded and has not covered up all the "delights". The peculiarity of newborn kittens is that the sexual organs of small males and their sisters are very similar. After all, the scrotum is still empty, so the hidden "male dignity" is not so clearly defined. Pull the tail back a little. At the same time, female genitalia will stretch out in female cats with a slit, and the boys will remain in the form of two holes.

The grown-up kittens. How to distinguish a boy from a girl?

At the age of two to four weeks, maturing kittensbegin to grow denser hair, which can prevent a thorough examination. In addition, the special sexual characteristics characteristic of boys (filled with a scrotum) are not fully formed yet, therefore they are difficult to determine. When examining, you will see that the distance from one to the other of the aperture of the seals will still be noticeably larger than that of the female individuals.

little kittens

Sexual differences of adult animals

At the age of six or seven months the kittensbecome old enough. Sex signs of male individuals are quite noticeable: the testicles filled with testicles, the region of the genital opening is rounded and somewhat "sticking out" beyond the level surface, its contours densely covered with hair. In cats, the urethral canal appears as a slit of skin. Its contours are smooth and without excess hair. The character and habits of animals change. Cats are more sluggish, and cats are active by their nature. But even if you were unable to accurately determine the sex of your pet in early childhood, this will not affect your attitude to it in the future. After all, the pet became a "full member" of the family!

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