Veterinary clinics in Dnepropetrovsk: where to treat a pet?

In many families of residents of Dnepropetrovsklives domestic animals. These are your favorite cat-purrs, dogs, and different kinds of rodents and birds. In some families even pythons live. Very often the animal becomes the main favorite in the family. If a sick person turns to a polyclinic or a hospital, the owners go to veterinary clinics in Dnepropetrovsk to help the sick pets. Animals, like man, need qualified treatment.

Services of veterinary clinics

When choice of medical institution is taken into account not onlymode of operation, but also the ability to conduct diagnostic and qualitative treatment of a pet in a hospital. In some cases, there may be a need for emergency assistance, so you need to look for veterinary clinics in Dnepropetrovsk, in which animals are taken around the clock.

Veterinary clinics of Dnepropetrovsk

Most of the services that are provided in veterinary hospitals include:

  • cleaning teeth,
  • vaccination,
  • therapeutic treatment,
  • X-ray examination,
  • surgical operations if necessary,
  • reception dermatologist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist.

Veterinary clinics in Dnepropetrovsk make chipping, make preventive treatment for ticks.

State Veterinarians in Dnepropetrovsk

In the regional center there are eight state veterinary hospitals. They treat not only domestic and decorative, but also rural animals, as well as birds.

State Veterinary Clinic Dnepropetrovsk

In veterinary hospitals, therapists work,anesthetists, surgeons, oncologists, pathologists and other specialists. Some of them have a stationary department for patients. Each state veterinary clinic in Dnepropetrovsk prepares and issues documents:

  • veterinary passport,
  • permitting documents for transportation in trains, airplanes and other transport,
  • documents for the export of the animal abroad.

Also here form the pedigree and brand the thoroughbred dogs, cats and other living creatures. Private clinics make out only a veterinary passport.

State veterinary clinics in Dnepropetrovsk spend sleep, cremation and burial of animals.

Animal clinic on the Working

Veterinarians Pavel Lopat and Igor Katsyuk made a lot of efforts to open a veterinary clinic at the Workers'. Dneprop was one of the first cities whereprivate veterinary hospitals. At first, the patients were admitted in a small room. It had an observation room and an operation room. Now it is a modern complex in which various animals are treated. Here, diagnostics is carried out using ultrasound, X-ray and other equipment. In the complex there is a hospital for the treatment of pets. If necessary, veterinarians leave the house.

The clinic employs specialists with extensive experience in the treatment of animals. Doctors use quality drugs and a vaccine against infectious diseases that come from reliable manufacturers.

Veterinary Clinic in Working Dnepropetrovsk

Reception of patients is conducted around the clock, on dutythe doctor even at night will give advice on the care, feeding, the regime of keeping any animal. In the complex is a veterinary pharmacy, it is always possible to buy the right medicine for the treatment of patients.

24-hour veterinary assistance to animals

The regional center has more than one 24-hour veterinary clinic. Dnepropetrovsk has thirty twoinstitutions where doctors accept animals that can develop an infectious disease, get food poisoning or serious trauma (among them - Ber, Friend, Animalia, Aibolit, Bagheera, Wind). The dog can begin to give birth, and the owner does not know how to help her. Sometimes the health and life of a pet depends on the hours of waiting. In all these situations, experienced veterinarians will help even at night. In case of emergency, a visiting team of specialists comes to the house.

24-hour veterinary clinic in Dnepropetrovsk

24-hour veterinary clinics have the necessaryequipment for diagnostics and treatment, pharmacy points, there is a qualified staff, which goes through strict selection and is able to take care of animals carefully.

How to choose a good clinic

Every family in which pets live, wants to find exemplary veterinary clinics in Dnepropetrovsk. Feedback about treatment and care on the Internet will help you choose the right vet.

Pet owners who applied to veterinaryclinics of Dnepropetrovsk, write that doctors are doing their best to save their pets. Thanks to their skill and skill, many sick animals remain alive. Doctors cause confidence in the owners. Positive feedback indicates the availability of good specialists and quality treatment in a veterinary hospital. But not all animals can be saved. Then the veterinarians offer to lull the pet. Unfortunately, such cases also happen. Some owners say that they asked for help too late.

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