Getting ready for the baby. List of things needed in the hospital

A list of things needed in the maternity ward begins, withthose that you need when you arrive. In the prenatal it is generally not recommended to take a lot of things, but in state maternity homes you with huge bags will most likely be sent home. Therefore, the first thing to take is:

  • Your passport;
  • compulsory medical insurance;
  • in case if childbirth is paid, it is also necessary to take a contract (contract);
  • exchange card;
  • replacement shoes (the best option - washable rubber slippers).

In paid maternity homes it is allowed to take with themmuch more things, right up to cameras, camcorders and cell phones. However, the rules in each hospital are their own, and therefore it is better to ask in advance what you can take with you - then your list of things needed in the maternity home will be drawn up correctly.

After giving birth, you will find yourself in a room with a crumb, so things will need much more.

list of things needed in the hospital

What should I take to maternity hospital?

1. Clothing. First and foremost, it is a dressing gown that will become your daily clothes when you are in the hospital. Also, your list of things needed in the hospital, should include a nightgown or pajamas (you can take a few pieces per shift). Also, take with you a couple of bras for nursing moms and a few pairs of socks.

2. Hygiene items. This is an important point, because From the hospital you and your baby will be discharged in 3-10 days, according to the situation. And without items of hygiene will not be too good. Your list of things needed in the maternity hospital must be supplemented with such items as a comb, toothbrush and paste, a miniature mirror, shampoo, toilet paper, the largest sanitary napkins (or special models for parturient women), regular or disposable panties, a cream for cracked nipples (just in case!) and a few towels. You can take basic cosmetics - on the day of discharge it will come in handy. However, do not be zealous - constant contact with the newborn requires that your hands and face remain perfectly clean. The exception can be unless easily tinted cilia.

list of necessary things in the hospital

What you need to take to the hospital for the baby

Here is your list for the hospital is not tooreplenished. The fact is that even bonnets, ryazhonki and diaper for babies (of course, 100% sterile) are issued in the maternity hospital. Additional care products (green, cream, hydrogen peroxide) in maternity homes are also available. As a rule, the treatment of the umbilical cord and other similar actions of the nurse takes over. Diapers are also not needed - diapers are provided in sufficient quantities. It can come in handy only with cotton buds and baby soap.

What else to take?

You can include in the list of dishes (a cup, a plate,a spoon), a pen and a notebook. It is better to adhere to the proposed diet in the maternity hospital - it is specially adapted for nursing mothers. You can bring tea in bags and sugar. Moreover, you will not be long in the maternity hospital, and before the birth there is not particularly.

maternity home list

Getting ready for discharge

The list of necessary things in the hospital must includein itself everything that is required on the day of discharge: clothes for you (it is better to choose what you wore during pregnancy, because the tummy does not immediately go away) and the baby (thick and thin diapers, cap, raspashonka, diaper, socks, corner with ribbon). In the cold season, you also need to bring warm blankets and a hat. And, of course, the camera - after all, so important day in the life of your family you just want to fix.

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