Furminator for cats. Reviews about its functional characteristics

The first assistant in the house with animals isa unique modern hairdresser's tool for the care of the fur of cats - the driver. For a long time already many owners of purring pets, having listened to the advice of the groomer, use a scintillator for combing the shedding hair and are satisfied with the result of the action of this practical thing. Furminators for cats have good reviews, which encourages those who have never used this device to purchase it. After all, it greatly simplifies the cleaning of the house during the moulting periods of cat hair, and the animal itself facilitates the state of health, and also improves its appearance.

ferminator for cats reviews
Furminator is an invention of Americans. At first glance, in its design, it looks like a special comb with small thin teeth. However, in fact - this is a special comb-blade, which has denticles of varying length and width. The thing is that the laminators are selected individually for each type of cat hair, so the length and width of the comb-blade, respectively, are different. The handle of this unpretentious device should be rubberized for convenience. When combing the hair, the fingers rest on the rubberized surface and do not slip - this is very convenient. Also, some models of an innovative device, such as a cat litter, whose reviews are admired by customers, have a button for ejecting wool. Such a functional feature of the unique invention makes it much easier to clean the clogged excess wool in the device itself. The features and functions of such a device, as a rusher, reviews about which are mostly positive, create a sufficient effect in removing the dead skin of cats. They include:
fleminator reviews

  • a high percentage of combed wool - 90%, thereby getting rid of the coins;
  • this tool is absolutely safe to use at home, without resorting to the help of groomers;
  • when removing excess wool, the outer hair is not damaged, because the wool-blade does not cut the wool, but softly "pulls" the extra undercoat, while retaining live wool;
  • The scooter is suitable not only for caring for a cat, but also for caring for other pets;
  • when combing, the fatty grease of the undercoat of cat hair improves, which is important for smoothness and shine.

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Furminator for cats, reviews of whichimpressive, must be selected according to the breed of the animal. The fact is that in the market of animal products there are already quite a lot of fakes, to which this instrument also applies. Therefore, in order to buy the original rusher, and not fake, you need to follow some simple recommendations that characterize the originality of the manufacturer:

    1. The packaging of this tool must be necessarily firm.
    2. Polygraphic features of package design should always have clear contours and saturated adequate colors.
    3. Do not be afraid if the packaging says that the manufacturer is China. American firms can order the production of rumors in China and pay enough for these orders.

Furminator for cats reviews are advised to choose, based on the size of the animal. Models have several sizes:

  • X-Small - designed for kittens or cats of small breed, the width of its ridge is 3.3 cm.
  • Small - for small cats that weigh about 5 kg, its width is 4.5 cm.
  • Medium - is considered the most common model, the width of the blade is 6.7 cm.

The remaining laminators (with a blade more than 10 cm wide) are referred to models for caring for the dogs' wool, but not cats, because for them they are too large.

Furminator for cats reviews recommend choosing more and depending on the manufacturer. But everyone decides this question independently. You can buy a fleet in specialized stores.

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