Mixtures "Fresolak": reviews of baby food

Everyone knows that the best diet for breastfeedingthe baby is the mother's milk. However, various factors can affect the lactation of a young mother, and then it's time to choose a formula for artificial feeding.

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Let's talk about baby food Dutchproduction - "Fisolak". Reviews about this line are collected in large numbers today, as it has been sold on the territory of the Russian Federation for more than ten years. The main question that parents are interested in when switching to artificial food: "Which of the following is suitable for the baby?"

Children's mixture "Fisolak": reviews of specialists and parents

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The company produces baby food byvarious formulas. There are just as many as the distinctive features of digestion of young children at different stages of development. Today, many pediatricians make a choice in favor of this baby food, as it is a full-fledged formula that contains prebiotics and nucleotides. Thanks to the unique processing of protein, the manufacturer offers mothers an easily digestible formula for the artificial feeding of children from the first days of life. A necessary supply of vitamins, nucleotides, trace elements and mineral salts provides the baby a mixture of "Fisolak". Pediatricians' testimonies indicate that all the necessary components for the harmonious development and growth of the child are present in this diet. However, after reading the parents' notes, one can note the fact that not all of them share the opinion of specialists. Some children have seen changes in the intestine, someone does not metabolize the mixture, or there are complaints of allergic reactions. It is fair to assume that, probably, in such situations it is just necessary to choose the right mixture. After all, the company has developed and hypoallergenic options, and nutrition for children with intolerance to cow protein, and much more.

"Fresolak" hypoallergenic: reviews of pediatricians and parents

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As today there is an increase in growthallergic reactions in the population, especially for small children, the baby food line includes specialized mixtures: "Fresolac GA-1" and "Fresolac GA-2." This food is intended to neutralize any allergic manifestations. It is advisable to include it in the diet, even if your baby is prone to diathesis or other reactions. Always consult a pediatrician before giving your child one of the specialized products "Fisolak". Parents' testimonies indicate that the lack of information in compiling a child's diet sometimes leads to abnormalities in the functioning of the stomach and intestines. Pediatricians noted complaints of constipation or too rare stool. At the same time, it has a green color and a sharp unpleasant odor. However, it later became clear that the parents had no idea how to properly introduce specialized mixtures into the diet.


At the sixth month of life, babies are already neededvarious porridges. The children's mixture "Friso" will help here. The given line is rice, corn, cereal milk kashki. The composition of these children's meals includes various fruit supplements that have been tested for harmlessness, and have been approved by pediatricians.

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