Congratulations on your birthday chef: funny, funny, bright wishes!

Have your boss approached the name-day? It is necessary to prepare a birthday congratulation for the boss. Funny wishes will bring him great pleasure. Do not just forget that the birthday boy - this is the head, on which depends largely on your salary. Therefore, every detail has to be thought through, making a birthday congratulation to the boss. Funny, funny, comic wishes should not offend him in any way. But a good, subtle sense of humor, the boss will definitely appreciate.

Congratulations on your birthday to the boss. Funny and kind words

By the way, "cajole" the leader and expressto him his respect means to make the right step in terms of maintaining good relations in the team. They will be markedly strengthened by a beautiful birthday greeting to the boss. Fun, cheerful, kind wishes will make you feel a warm and friendly atmosphere. In short, the preparation of a congratulatory speech must be treated very carefully. It is desirable to do this collectively. Your personal desire to "stand out" can not cause the best emotions of your colleagues.

birthday congratulations chef
If you are on friendly terms withdirector, congratulate him best in a non-working environment. By the way, it is not at all necessary to write a birthday greeting to the chief in a prosaic or poetic form. Funny comic skits or amateur films will also please your supervisor. Do not forget at the same time to focus on his business qualities, to wish fulfillment of all plans and career growth.

Get the location

The head is usually considered to be a person alwaysserious, busy work, strict. However, in fact, he is not too different from his subordinates. He, like everyone, is not alien to everything human. Give him joy. Call on his face a smile. Having presented a beautiful congratulation to the boss for the holiday, you will surely achieve its location. Therefore, do not limit yourself to a banal postcard. A lot more chef will like your sincere, warm words.

what to give to the chief for his birthday

Good gift

And, of course, do not forget and aboutone part. Any congratulations must be accompanied by a good presentation. How to think about what to give to the chief for his birthday. Congratulate your congratulations on your choice of the present. You uniquely please your boss in this way. Remind in your congratulations on the intellect of the boss, if you give him a book, about a refined taste - if you give a wine set or a set for whiskey, about punctuality and the ability to appreciate time - if you give a watch, etc. Turn your manager's holiday into a bright, memorable event! A lot of positive emotions will be provided to the entire working collective.

congratulations to the chef on his birthday from the team

Excellent congratulations - a wonderful career

So, let's sum up. A good congratulation to the chief on his birthday from the team is a wonderful opportunity to make an indelible impression on him. The main thing is to be careful when choosing the right words. Attacked feelings can not affect your career in the best way. Or, on the contrary, after the perfect congratulatory speech, you can expect any encouragement, up to an increase.

The leader is the leader. Paying attention to him, underlining his status, you have this man to yourself, and this is important. Do not miss such a wonderful opportunity. Choose beautiful words, postcards, gifts. Your boss will be pleased with your surprise.

Of course, do not forget that inthe boss's unfortunate moment should not be alarmed. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the most convenient time to congratulate all the staff of their manager with warm wishes and a champagne prepared beforehand!

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