Do you know how to give gifts?

What unites such different holidays asChristmas, son's birthday, anniversary of the wedding or a decade of work in one firm? They happen in different months, with different people, and the reasons for them are different, but here the gifts figure in any case! If you previously did not attach importance to this pleasant element, then in vain. The ability to make and accept gifts in etiquette is allocated enough space, because it is not easy to learn. The real art - to give gifts, this will be discussed later.

How to give gifts

Are there any gifts that will please everyone?

Many people will agree that there are someuniversal gifts, for example, flowers, sweets, cute souvenirs, baubles. How to give gifts of this nature? They will always help you out when you need to give something. On the other hand, if you do not want to think about the idea for a gift or are new to a person, such things can serve as a sign of attention at general meetings and similar events. To express feelings close to the flowers, of course, also suitable, but you should already choose the bouquet, based on their preferences. It is unseemly to give banal three roses to a beloved girl after several years of acquaintance with her, it will be regarded as a sign of indifference, inattention, a gift will offend a person. But a bouquet of her favorite flowers, made by a florist to order, will surprise her and will let you know what you think about how to bring her joy.

Things hand-made: to whom and how to give gifts of this kind?

Homemade cards, original hats, stitchedby hand, and other such things at one time were very popular as gifts. This fashion was due to the lack of prestigious and expensive items on the shelves, but now it's quite another time, and the tradition to give hand-made things is experiencing a revival. Now a self-made doll, a handmade brooch is a matter of pride, such a gift is not only popular, but also valuable.

Gifts for children: surprise decides everything!

Children love surprises, and this should be rememberedregardless of whether you or someone else's child has decided to give a gift. Having created the appropriate environment, you will see with your own eyes a genuine children's joy, and these emotions will be remembered for a long time both as a kid and as you.

The art of giving gifts
Handing even a banal toy can be arranged as an interesting adventure with a lot of puzzles, searches and a long-awaited reward at the end.

What gifts can not be given?

What gifts can not be given
We have already told a little about some things,which, being thoughtlessly presented, can offend a person's feelings. In the rules of etiquette, other "unwanted" gifts are mentioned. These things are very personal: underwear, perfumes, clothes, cosmetics and deodorants, which are already usual for gifts, shower gels and other body care products. Ambiguously can be perceived too expensive gifts and things related to the beliefs of man - icons, religious calendars, postcards depicting saints, etc. Animals as a gift are also listed in the "black list".

Present these things can only be very closepeople whose tastes you know well, or if you are sure that a person dreams of receiving such a gift (for example, before giving gifts, you learned his wishes).

We hope, now it is clear how to presentgifts to different groups of people, and from which should be based on the choice of a particular thing. The question "how to give gifts" is solved for those who have read the article.

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