Koridoras Sternba: content in the aquarium

In our time many aquarists have appeareda pet named Corridoras St? rba - a small armored catfish from the family of Callicht. This unusual fish, whose birthplace is Brazil, is found in nature in many fresh water bodies of South America.


The first thing that catches your eye is the coloring andbizarre form of catfish. Many species of aquarium fish are able to impress with its amazing beauty and original coloring. But the corridor among them is particularly prominent. Unlike other fish of this species, it is the smallest - its length does not exceed 8 cm. The body has a round shape and gradually narrows to the caudal fin. The abdomen remains flat.

corridoras sternba

Quite unusual is the color of catfish - ondark brown background scattered white with cream-tint specks about the same size, but completely different in form. The figure is located linearly on the sides and chaotic on the back and head. The most expressive fins (bright orange) are on the abdomen and breast. Look transparent, but they also traced a bitmap.

The tail is divided into two blades. Near the mouth there are a number of whiskers that play the role of receptors. They help catfish very much in search of food.

It is not difficult to distinguish fish by sex. Males are smaller and more elegant. The females have a pronounced round tummy.

Content at home

Corridoras Sterba refers to herd fish.To get these inhabitants in the aquarium, it is recommended to purchase at once from 5 to 10 individuals. They cooperate perfectly and harmoniously coexist with each other.

types of aquarium fish

Another feature of catfish is thatthey are bottomfishes. It is important to take care that the aquarium has a large bottom area, wide enough, can be elongated (about 70 cm). This contributes to the normal livelihoods of pets. Height does not really matter, but the catfish in the aquarium will feel much better. The volume is not less than 50 liters. As the young grow up, it is better to increase it, since this kind of fish is very active, they need enough space to clear up.

For inhabitants of warm waters the great value hascorresponding temperature. Optimum - 28 ⁰С. Acidity is 6-7pH, although small variations are permissible. Avoid getting into the water of salt, any chemistry or drugs - the corridors of Sterba is very sensitive to such substances.

Since these are bottomfishes, they spend most of their life digging in the ground and searching for food. Therefore, the bottom is best to pour fine gravel, pebbles or sand.

For comfort aquarium catfish needvegetation with broad leaves (echinodorus, anubias), well fortified in advance, otherwise it can be dug by vigorous inhabitants. All sorts of scenery will serve as a shelter from fish that live in the neighborhood. Free areas of the bottom will allow you to clear out this merry, amusing inhabitants of the aquarium.

corridoras sherba contents

For the breath, the catfish uses not only the gills, butand the intestine, so it swims to the surface of the water, breathing atmospheric oxygen. This common phenomenon should not cause emotions. Nevertheless, aeration is still necessary.

Requirements for water

Quite sharply reacts to various changesthe composition of the habitat of the corridors of St? rba. The content of these fish in the aquarium requires constant monitoring of the water state. If it becomes unsuitable, the fish swim on the vegetation, reaching the surface, and begin to capture air. In this way they tell the owner that the percentage of oxygen has dropped and it's time to change the water, siphonize the bottom and rinse the filter.

When it is necessary to move fish to another aquarium, it is necessary to transfer them very carefully, having previously created acceptable conditions for a new habitat.


Like many species of aquarium fish, catfish are veryunpretentious in food. They are happy to eat small crustaceans, worms, as well as dry food and plants. We must ensure that there is always something to eat at the bottom. If there are cohabitants nearby, they can get ahead. In this case, sinking granules will come to the rescue.


In the wild, shellfish live in packs. They are distinguished by a calm, peace-loving disposition. The same behavior persists in the home.

catfish in the aquarium
Good neighbors will be pecilia, hospitable,disbursements. Corridors can do a little harm by eating fry and eggs of other fish. Therefore, at the time of spawning, they are planted in a separate tank. The main thing is to avoid overlapping with bottom predatory fish (cichlids, swordsmen), which can attack the catfish. But, if necessary, he is able to stand up for himself (thanks to the sharp spikes that the corridor of Sterba possesses).


For the offspring, a separatestorage tank. Stimulate spawning by replacing water (50%) every day with a decrease in its temperature by several degrees and abundant feeding live food. To one rounded off from the calf female several males are planted. About a day later, spawning begins.

The result depends on the age of the female and the environmenta habitat. At one time, it can defer from 30 to 200 eggs. At the end of the process, participants return home. Eggs are incubated up to 7 days. The acceptable temperature is 25-26 ° C. The fry will swim for about two days. Initially, they feed on microcourm, infusoria. Later, Artemia larvae will do this. Mature fry become only a year later.

corridoras sherbage breeding

In the good conditions of the catfish, the corridors of Stuba can survive for about eight years, delivering a sea of ​​positive emotions to its owner!

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