How many years can the boiled corn be included in the diet?

This divine smell is sure to be rememberedmany from childhood. Maybe the taste became even more pleasant from the fact that you had to wait a long time in anticipation, while the cobs were cooked to the full readiness? Corn may be of varying degrees of ripeness. This determines the time of preparation. Very young grains, so-called dairy, are thirty to forty minutes long enough. More hard corn cobs should boil for two to three hours. Preparing this dish, parents always ask the question: "For how many years can the corn be cooked to the child in the diet?" Due to the fact that grains are difficult to digest by the body, one should not get carried away with this delicacy. How corn is used in various dishes for young children is described later in this article.

corn to a child

How to use in children's dishes boiled corn: a child from 6 months to two years

Whole cooked cabbage, of course,contraindicated to babies. Some doctors believe that it is possible to give a child at 6 months well-cooked and ground corn of milk ripeness in the form of mashed potatoes. When cooking, be sure to remove the skin, as it is not digested by the tender digestive system of the baby. The resulting product can be mixed, for example, with boiled potatoes or grated apple. Also, the excellent taste, which crumbs especially like, is obtained when combined with a banana. Start with one or two teaspoons a week, increasing by a year to two or three dining rooms.

How to use in children's dishes boiled corn: a child of two to three years

At this age the baby grows enoughthe number of teeth so that he can bite and chew on his own well-cooked corn kernels. Take care that the crumb does not choke. Give more than half of the cob does not cost, so as not to overload the children's stomach.

How to diversify the baby's nutrition in 3 years? Prepare an air casserole soufflé

baby food in 3 years

In this dish, the main ingredient is cooked corn. A child can be given such a souffle for breakfast or an afternoon snack, supplemented with a dairy sauce or sour cream.


- four boiled cobs of maize of medium ripeness;

- six eggs;

- one onion;

- half a cup of breadcrumbs;

- one hundred grams of any hard cheese;

- the third part of a glass of cream;

- a bunch of fresh parsley;

- cay. spoon of salt.


that can be given to a child in 6 months

  1. Boil the corn until cooked. Cut off the cooled ears with a sharp knife of grain.
  2. Egg whisk the mixer until lush foam.
  3. Cheese grate on a fine grater. Half of the resulting mass mixed with chopped herbs, finely chopped onions and breadcrumbs. Add cream and salt to the mixture.
  4. Beat eggs and corn kernels into the prepared mass and mix gently.
  5. Lubricate the form with butter and fill with an air mixture. Put it in a large container filled with water. The mass will be prepared in a water bath.
  6. Bake in a preheated oven for up to 180 degrees for an hour. Ten minutes before the ready, sprinkle the souffle with the remaining cheese.
  7. Do not remove the dish immediately from the preheated oven, wait about fifteen minutes. Cut the casserole a little cooled.
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