Italian curtains - a highlight of the interior

Creating a cozy home, I want it to becomfortable, aesthetic and tasteful. Curtains play a huge role in interior design. The market provides millions of models, colors, textures of various curtains. How can you not get lost in all this abundance and choose the ideal option for your home?

Italian curtains - this is an indicator of good taste and prosperity of the owner. These are noble, graceful curtains that will decorate any room and give him a style.


Italian curtains lead their history from the AncientRome. In those days, they loved pomposity, luxury. The fabric was decorated with huge window apertures, the contours were fringed, the heavy brushes hung down to the floor. Modern designers slightly improved the curtains, it turned out to be perfect. Now they can fit into any style and interior. These are not just curtains, they have peculiar features, character. They can not be confused with ordinary cloths.

italian curtains


Italian curtains - this is a phrase thatimplies a rich decoration of the house, luxury and style. They look they are winning in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedroom. Their design is simple: a lot of fabric, beautifully folded folds and highly placed picks. Extend to the end they can not. Basically they perform the function of decor. Therefore, they are often added to the tandem second curtains. And this does not spoil the picture at all, but, on the contrary, adds sophistication and unusualness.

Traditionally, the upper part of the curtains is fixed oncornice rings, and the cord for picking up is attached to the wall. But modern designers retreat from stereotypes and improve this direction. Unchanged are beautiful elegant folds, which are made of special dense tape. But the color and texture is already the choice of the owner.

italian curtains photo

With my own strength

It is not necessary to be a professional seamstress tomake Italian curtains with your own hands. Just need to take into account the small details and correctly calculate the amount of tissue. On a large window, such curtains look chic. The cornice is fixed high, and the bottom of the curtains is one centimeter raised from the floor. This technique visually draws space, and the ceilings seem incredibly high.

Before you go to buy a fabric,Measure the length of the wall from ceiling to floor and add thirty centimeters. To Italian curtains, sewn by hand, it turned out perfect, you need to know a little secret. Such curtains have a lining, so the folds are graceful and beautiful. Get the cloth for her in the tone of the main one.

Italian curtains with their own hands

Work is in full swing

Prepare everything you need to work and you can get down to business. You will need scissors, a centimeter, needles for fasteners, a sewing machine, a curtain tape and a good mood.

  1. We measure the length and width of the window, put these figures on the fabric, adding three centimeters on each side to the hem, and on the top the hem will be equal to 8 centimeters.
  2. Do the same with the lining cloth and connect both canvases.
  3. Italian curtains are almost ready, it remains to sew rings on the upper edge and measure the length of the cords-holders.
  4. The rings should be sewn neatly from the wrong side, make as few stitches as possible.
  5. You can use a thick tape with ready-made hinges. Attach it to the topmost edge and insert the rings.
  6. It remains only to hang a chic curtain and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

There is nothing difficult in this process. Still, for this work, better get an assistant. After all, the cuts of the fabric are long, and coping with them alone can be not entirely convenient.

Kitchen Decor

The most cozy and favorite place in the house is the kitchen. Even if it is very small and tight, this room remains the most visited in the house. Here the whole family spends evenings over a cup of tea and pleasant conversation. Therefore, Italian curtains fit perfectly here. Photos will help you determine the texture and color of the fabric. Do not weight the kitchen space with dense fabrics. For this premise it is better to pick up something flying, streaming, easy. Such curtains will look great on a window of any size. To protect from sunlight, neutral blinds can be selected. And the main decoration of the kitchen will be Italian curtains. In the interior they are irreplaceable. When you look at this beauty, immediately the mood rises, positive emotions go off scale.

Italian curtains in the interior

If the ceilings in the kitchen are low, ceiling curtains will solve the problem. In combination with the curtains, they will stretch even the kitchen in Khrushchev.

Stylish stuff

If you chose the Italiancurtain, why not give this style to the whole room? The main details are massive wooden furniture, many textiles, terracotta, olive and green interior items. Add paintings, figurines, because Italy - is the cradle of art!

Show your imagination and creativity, then your home will be transformed into a moment. There are design skills in every person, especially if it concerns his own home and coziness in it.

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