Kindergarten 333, Moscow: address, history

In Moscow, as in almost any major cityRussia, there is a large number of preschool institutions. The construction of new kindergartens continues to provide places for all children waiting to be enrolled. Over the years, there is a growing need for correctional institutions, since the total number of people with disabilities with special training needs is increasing. The kindergarten 333 has long been known to parents. Moscow can not boast of a large number of historical preschool institutions, but this is exactly the same case. The garden was built in 1934. Even then it stood out from a galaxy of similar structures with its unusual appearance.

Kindergarten №333: the history of the institution

Kindergarten 333 Moscow

Previously, the kindergarten was located in a historic building at the address:person Marshal Vasilevsky, d 11, building. 6. Now the institution is moved to another location, since the original building is considered obsolete. Kindergarten 333 Moscow acquired in 1934. Then it was developed on an individual project. Its uniqueness was in the combination of two architectural styles: constructivism and Stalinism. He remembered the residents of the district famous "pink elephants." Sculptures are located in the courtyard of the kindergarten and were his business card.

Kindergarten № 333 Moscow created on demandPeople's Commissariat of Defense (NCO). In the future, the old buildings of the kindergartens were demolished, so it's not so easy to find samples from the 1930s. Despite such a decent service life, the institution fully meets modern construction requirements and meets all safety standards. By the way, people already say that "kindergarten 333 (Moscow, Shchukino) - the birthplace of pink elephants." And it's all about the sculptures of elephants in the garden. Funny residents immediately became the favorites of children.

Institution today

Kindergarten 333 Moscow pictures

Today, the institution moved to a new building at the address: kindergarten No. 333, Moscow, ul. Garibaldi, house 14, building 3. Kind of garden - combined. In other words, on its territory there is help not only to healthy children, but also to developmental features. First of all, it concerns those who suffer from different speech disorders. In addition, the kindergarten provides training services for the school. A lot of time educators give aesthetic and cultural education of children.

Staff, curriculum and more

Kindergarten № 333, Moscow, ul. Dovzhenko, 8 - branch of the main institution. Head of the garden - Vera Yuryevna Koblyakova. On personal issues of parents, she takes on Mondays. All educators, psychologists and speech therapists have a higher education, they constantly raise their level of qualification. Groups are staffed by nannies. Five meals are held in accordance with the rules.

Kindergarten № 333, Moscow (photos of the building can be seen in the article), conducts, in addition to lessons with a speech therapist, various activities. Children learn elementary literacy, math, needlework and so on.

Kindergarten 333 Moscow pike

The curriculum is based on the "Origins" of Paramonova. Thanks to her, children leave the kindergarten with full knowledge of the surrounding world and people, which makes them prepared for school. </ span </ p>

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