Ariel Capsules - a new solution for impeccable washing

Is it possible to make washing clothes even easier andmore effective? It seems that automatic washing machines have already greatly simplified this tedious process, excellent newest detergents are doing admirably with washing our clothes, what else is there to wish for? But, as is known, there is no limit to perfection.

Ariel powder in capsules

And here in the world market there was a novelty -Ariel Active Gel capsules containing high concentration gel, dissolving in water and making washing incredibly comfortable. "Ariel" (powder in capsules) is the most necessary and accurately measured amount of detergent, calculated for one laying of laundry in a washing machine. Saving? Certainly! There is no need to continuously measure the estimated number of SMS, especially since this is often done "by eye" and detergent powder is laid more than required. In addition, in some machines the powder partially remains in the compartment and, thus, is not fully used. With the novelty of dosage, you do not have to worry. One capsule of "Ariel" is enough to wash clothes in a fully loaded drum of the washing machine. A minimum of effort - and impeccably clean, pleasantly smelling things at our disposal.

Ariel Capsules

Capsules "Ariel" are packed in a transparent deepbox with a tight-fitting lid, so they are conveniently stored in a locker in the bathroom, away from the naughty little kids. The new remedy looks like soft pads filled with a concentrated gel with a high level of active ingredients. Before beginning the washing, one pillow should be placed not in the CMC compartment, but at the bottom of the drum, because it is there that it will be immersed in water as much as possible. Ariel's capsules completely dissolve, leaving no traces on things, and all the active substances will go straight to the laundry without any rest.

A new product for washing combines in onea rinse aid pad, a stain remover and a water softener. Thanks to the content of enzymes, the gel excellently copes with stains of any origin, including the old ones, it relieves things even from very strong contaminants. Capsules "Ariel" differ by careful attitude to the fabric, preserving its original color and not breaking the structure. In this case, the gel contains no phosphates and oxygen bleach.

Ariel Capsules for White
Things can be washed like at a low water temperature - 300, and at high, up to 900. As already mentioned, in general, one capsule is used to wash a shipment of laundry, but if water is hard, it is recommended to use 2 capsules per one tab.

Gel Ariel Active is produced in two main types:green capsules "Ariel" for white linen, purple - for colored things (except for woolen and silk products). Another company offers capsules for bed linen with the content of "Lenora".

The company Procter & Gamble, the author of the brand "Ariel"has established itself in the world market as a producer of goods with high consumer properties. Ariel Capsules are no exception, and like many other products of this company, they quickly gained the trust of customers, since they guarantee a perfect result with a minimum of effort.

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