Shorthair cats: breeds and species

Short coat for wild cats - the mostsuitable. It is easier to keep clean, easier to get rid of parasites and prevent the appearance of coils. Long fur appeared on the wild ancestors of our pets only in cold climates, when the animal had to live at very low temperatures. Short fur is a genetically dominant cat feature, so cats with short hair will always exist.

short-haired cats of breed

There are quite a few types of short fur: soft and fine wool of rex, smooth, shiny hair of a siamka, a dense fur coat of Mencks. But in general, whatever we consider the breeds of short-haired cats, there are only three main categories: American, British, Eastern. We are most known for British and European shorthair.

Shorthair British

Shorthair cats of British breed arefavorites of all kotatnikov. The breed was first bred in Great Britain at the end of the 18th century. For the new breed were crossed the English domestic cat and Persian. But that long-withdrawn breed has nothing to do with the current British cats.

breed of cats British Shorthair

The modern breed of cats is Britishthe short-haired has a fairly large body size, massive paws, a large and round head with a large leather fold. Low ears, wide, short nose, short plush fur and thick straight tail - these are the external signs that in general terms can characterize this breed.

But what is rich about this breed, so this is a great choicecolor. Shorthair cats of British breed have more than 200 different variants of it! This solid color of white, blue, red and even lilac color without any stains and drawings. For female cats, a tortoise mixture of multicolored spots is characteristic. There are smoky British and with a distinctive coloring of the protruding parts of the body (ears, muzzle, paws, tail). Some species clearly highlight the combination of white with the main, and funny, but one ear of the animal is always painted in a different color. There are cats with tiger pattern, with the color of chinchilla and many others.

Shorthair cats of breed British excellentsuitable for living in a city apartment. They are beautiful, effective, smart, calm, clean. You can endlessly wonder what they are affectionate and sociable, kind and understanding. The British do not require complex care, they do not need to be combed. But although they are selective towards food, they still like to eat! Therefore, if they are not restrained, then very soon they will turn into fat and lazy.

European Shorthair

breed of cats European Shorthair
Shorthair cats of European breed werewithdrawn in the middle of XX century. At first glance, it seems that this is an entirely ordinary domestic cat. But she has an amazing ability - she is a very good hunter. The qualities of an excellent Pied Piper were obtained as a result of selection. And outwardly it does not represent anything special: a strong muscular body of medium size, a rounded head with round cheeks, medium-sized ears and a wide variety of colors: from the most banal black and white to cream or silver.

Cat breed European Shorthairdiffers from others in its balanced nature. They are handsome and beautiful, affectionate and faithful, playful and independent animals. European cats are not prone to vagrancy, are very attached to the owners and can perfectly live in a city apartment and in a rural house.

It is said that the wild African cat wasthe progenitor of modern European shorthair. Since the breeding of the breed, a lot of water has flowed, but neither in appearance, nor in the peculiarities of the structure of these animals has there been any change. They are still graceful and beautiful.

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