What day does my father celebrate in Russia?

Mom is the most necessary person for a baby. But Dad also needs him very much, he will help in a difficult situation, he will understand. And he can laugh and have fun, so much so that his mother did not dream. What is the date of Father's Day in Russia? We'll figure it out.

what day is father's day in Russia
In which countries do

In many countries popes do notfewer mothers. The inhabitants of each state celebrate this day in their own way and on a certain day. In England and Lithuania, the celebration takes place on the 1st Sunday of the 1st summer month, in Holland, Canada, France, Japan, China, the USA - on the 3rd Sunday in June. Feast Father's Day in Russia is celebrated officially on February 23, but in some areas and cities there is a full-fledged Father's Day, which is celebrated in June.

Father's Day in Russia 2013

For the first time, a solemn date was1909 year. It was then that Mrs. Sonora offered to approve it. Her and five more children were brought up by a single father after the death of his wife. Through her actions she wanted to express her gratitude to all the fathers who bring up children.

The holiday was approved, and he graduallyspread all over the world. If you ask: "What date is Father's Day in Russia?" - then you will not hear a definite answer. Some people believe that the holiday is timed to February 23, more advanced understand that this is another day.

Some countries allocate their national daysfor the celebration of the fathers. An example is Germany, a holiday they coincide with the day of the Ascension of the Lord. The Germans consider it a matter of honor to congratulate their fathers, to go out into the countryside, to take a walk or go to a bar.

In Finland, on a solemn date, they hang outflags, kids are preparing their own gifts for dear popes. Moms at home with children set a festive table, prepare a delicious dinner. Often on the table there is baking: a pie or cake. On this day, congratulate the grandfathers, as well as commemorate those men who are not alive.

In Estonia, the holiday was approved in 1992. In this country, the celebration includes thematic morning performances, concerts. Children make gifts and cards.

holiday father's day in Russia
What day is father's day in Russia?

In Russia, the holiday is little known, we have a popand grandfathers to celebrate on February 23. Although some cities have already joined the world holiday. In Cherepovets first held several competitions, now in this city are mass cultural events. The initiative was also picked up by other areas: the Kursk Region, the Altai Territory.

Father's Day in Russia in 2013 was festively celebrated insome cities. The deputies proposed to fix the status of the state holiday for the day and celebrate it on the 3rd June Sunday, this will strengthen the image of a full-fledged family. Emphasizing the role of the father is necessary for the popes to feel more responsibility, and also to get rid of injustice, as Mother's Day is celebrated for us not for the first year.

It's so hard to figure out what day Father's Day is inRussia. But here it is possible to say this: "Paying attention to the Pope on a holiday is, of course, good, but more important is to take care of your parents daily, and not just on the 3rd Sunday in June." Nothing difficult is to help those who have grown you.

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