The cat is drooling. What kind of disease, and how to treat it?

Probably, in each house there is a special place fora close and beloved animal that has become a member of the family - cats. This darling pleases you with her grateful griming song in the mornings and evenings, helps to relax when you take her in your arms and iron on a soft fur, feeling the reciprocal warmth, tenderness and affection. The cat is surprisingly harmoniously felt and looks near your home.

Once when I met, my friend shared herproblem. She noticed that the cat was drooling. Once she slept with her in the same bed, and now it's unpleasant, and maybe it's dangerous. If the cat was sitting in one place, then at its feet a small puddle gradually formed. This caused alarm and made me think about the health of my beloved animal. Soon it became apparent that the cat and during active movements very often began to lick or splash with saliva. It became clear that without certain measures a cat could die.

First I had to catch and take a good lookher. The hosts examined the oral cavity, but no visual changes were found. As a result, my girlfriend and her husband showed their veterinarian to a veterinarian and cured their favorite kitty for a short period of time, when the specialist's instructions were properly followed. This situation positively affected the knowledge and skills that are conscientiously related to the health of their animal owners. After all, they had to wonder why the cat drooling? And they did not ignore it, learned a lot about the health of the domestic animal and took the necessary measures.

Symptom of which diseases could be thisan unpleasant state of a cat? There may be several reasons. Perhaps the pet is just really hungry. But this is the most unlikely and simple option. For sure, the cat is fed. If you notice a salivary saliva in the cat or cat, it means that it lasted not more than half an hour, but more than a day. Another possible reason, which causes the cat to drool, may be nausea in any poisoning, or it is a sign of infection by parasites - worms. The most terrible answer to this question is that the cat has rabies. But, to our joy, this is rare. If she lives in an apartment and has no contacts with other unknown animals, then rabies, she, most likely, does not threaten. We do not advise you to make hasty conclusions on your own. First, take your pet to the reception to a good specialist. An experienced veterinarian will examine your cat, determine the reasons for such an unpleasant reaction of the animal body and prescribe a treatment. So, if the cat is drooling, show it to the vet more likely.

The same unpleasant reason as allabove, may be a stomatitis in your pet. Animal stomatitis is a trauma and subsequently inflammation of the oral cavity. If the cat is drooling, then such a reason is no exception. Let's consider this variant of the disease.

Causes of stomatitis can become wounds in the cavitymouths that have arisen when bitten by other cats or cats during a fight or game, when consuming animals hot or cold, spicy food, any chemical poisoning or preparations that are intended for small rodents or insects. Another reason, strangely enough, is the treatment of cats with special ointments, but not in moderation, but with a large overdose. That's why the cat is drooling.

If you ever have to ask yourself thisthe question of why the cat is drooling, this article will tell you how to understand the situation exciting you, to understand what is the reason for the abundant salivation in the animal. And again we strongly recommend: do not tighten and do self-medication, but show your cat to the doctor.

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