Tortie color cats bring happiness

This is a fairly common form of colorhas been known to man for many centuries in many countries of the world. Tortoiseshell can only boast pussies, and males only transmit this remarkable color to the offspring. Such an original skin is found in various breeds. Probably, it is not necessary to list each of them. Let us dwell only on some of the most common.

tortoiseshell color of cats

Scottish fold

Little common in Russia breedScottish fold is a lop-eared cat that has an interesting enough structure of the ears: they bend slightly downwards and forward. The reason for this structure is a genetic mutation. This breed originated in Scotland. Founded it in 1861 by William Ross.

Turtle color of Scottish cats is peculiaronly females. In fairness, I must say that there are rare exceptions, when cats are born with such color, but they are born completely barren.

Scottish folds most often have wool, combiningin itself red, black and cream color. They are distributed throughout the body of the animal, but they do not form a specific pattern except for specks on the muzzle. Tortoiseshell color of cats of this breed does not show clearly at the birth of kittens, it gradually appears as they grow up.

British cats tortoise color

Tortie Brits

Despite the attractiveness of Scotty,the true queens of nurseries are considered having tortoiseshell color of cats of the British breed. Such a cat's coloring in any nursery is considered royal. Such extraordinary creatures bring offspring of the most diverse colors and shades. It is noteworthy that the placement of color spots and various combinations of shades are never repeated. We will become acquainted with some types of tortoiseshells.

Black turtle

This is the name for the harmonious combination of red andblack spots of a variety of shades, but always in the same proportions. Colors should always be evenly distributed over the animal's fur. Tortoiseshell color of cats of this type should have a red mark on the muzzle from the forehead to the nose.

Chocolate turtle

It is a mixture in equal proportions of chocolate andred shade with the presence of a picture in the form of a mosaic. In accordance with international standards, the requirements for this type are usual: intense colors, uniform distribution over the animal's fur, "tongue of flame" and lack of a clear pattern.

Just like Scottish folds, British catstortoiseshell color is not obtained at birth. At first, there may be a few spots on the baby's body, but with time, as they grow up, their number and repetition rate increase.

breeds of cats tortoiseshell

The breeds of tortoiseshell cats are diverse. Almost in each of them kittens with such original fur coat are born. From ancient times to the present, people believe that these animals bring happiness to the house. If you decide to have a kitten, then the proven nurseries will pick up the animal for you. The main thing is that, regardless of color, your pet was loved and desired in your hospitable home.

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