Memorable congratulations from the director

Congratulation of the director is a delicate matter. He is the same person as you, he also has holidays, but at the same time, he is your boss, who is superior to you in status. I would like not to offend your professional relations and at the same time congratulate sincerely and wholeheartedly. We will give you suggestions for all occasions.

congratulations from the director
General rules

Congratulations Director depends, first of all,on what kind of relations reign in your company. If everything is official and strict, then it is best to write to him on a bright postcard a simple beautiful poem with a wish, without going over to the person. If you are more of a friend than a colleague, then you can let the director add a little humor, make a verbal caricature of his appearance. But in this case it is worthwhile to be careful not to offend the person and so that all of this later does not come up. If your boss is a lady, then do not forget about the flowers! Let her look like a strict businesswoman, but in her heart she is the same, like everyone else, a fragile woman.

congratulations to the school principal
Congratulations to the general director in verse

You are the director general.

You are the master of genius.

Without your eternal super-plans

We're just a group of cockroaches.

You are our most loyal friend.

Without you, we are just as hands-free.

Congratulations on your birthday.

We wish you happiness and luck.

A flair for the best contracts,

So that life does not interrupt the intermission.

For good luck and love

In the soul chased your blood.

We wish much not to be sad,

It's wonderful for us to lead!

Congratulations to the school principal

Dear and beloved director! You are like the captain of a ship that confidently leads our large ship called School. You successfully spend it between treacherous reefs of failures and day after day discover for us new islands of knowledge. Today we promise you not to get bad ratings and behave yourself. Let you always surrounded by a bright childhood, and our friendly family of students and teachers will help make your working time easy and unforgettable. Happiness, long life, good health and peace of mind!

congratulations to the general director
Congratulation of the director-woman

Today you are allowed to be not strictboss, who easily builds men in one row. Today you, in the first place, are a feminine girl who has a holiday. You are probably the most beautiful leader in the world. Looking at you, the men in our team are barely restraining themselves from escaping from home to you, and women are struggling to force themselves to continue working. In you, an amazing combination of a strong personality and a fragile nature. On your birthday, we wish to continue to maintain this balance. Let in your life there will always be harmony of work and personal life. Happiness, beauty to you and good health.

Official congratulations from the Director

Dear (name), allow me on behalf of allour work collective congratulate you on your birthday! I can not help but admit that you have a real talent as a leader. And on this holiday we want to wish you successes in your career, promotion, happiness in the family and strong friendship with colleagues. Let good luck be your faithful companion in life, and confidence in your strength does not leave for a second.

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