Endometriosis and pregnancy

As you know, after conception of a child in the bodywomen undergo certain changes associated with the restructuring of the hormonal background. In this regard, all the diseases that previously could exist passively and asymptomatically begin to revive. The most dangerous for the preservation of pregnancy and the normal development of the fetus are gynecological inflammations, since they have a direct effect on the fetus.

Most often there is a gynecological disease- endometriosis. It affects women with impaired activity of the immune and hormonal system. Simply put, because of disorders, the epithelium grows beyond the uterus and turns into an entity called a cyst. You can find it in the female genitalia and even the bladder.

According to statistical data, more often it isthe disease is observed in women of the age category after forty years. But there are no exceptions and cases when it is found in young girls who have not yet given birth. If a woman undergoes a gynecological examination irregularly, then endometriosis and pregnancy can be determined simultaneously.

Many experts are still arguing aboutcauses of this pathology. Some associate it with the peculiarities of the sexual system of women, in particular, with the arrangement and location of the fallopian tubes, and some believe that genetic predisposition is the determining factor. Whatever it was, it's a disease and it needs treatment!

Endometriosis and pregnancy are interrelated

In medical practice,when a woman can not conceive a child for a long time and associates it with infertility. It turns out that this is a simple cyst that prevents fertilization. Indeed, in the case of such a disease, the menstrual cycle lasts as usual, without visible disruptions, but no full-fledged ovulation occurs. Pregnancy after endometriosis is a very real phenomenon, the main thing is to undergo a course of treatment on time.

After endometriosis has been cured, andpregnancy can be planned. Doctors recommend starting to prepare immediately, but to begin the process of conception no earlier than six months later. In order for it to flow well and there are no threats to the fetus, the body needs to rest and recover.

If endometriosis and pregnancy were diagnosedsimultaneously, then there can be a threat of spontaneous interruption. Basically, this result leads to a cyst that forms on the placenta or touches it. If the expert claims that there is no cause for concern, then you should calm down. Endometriosis and pregnancy can coexist harmlessly, and education itself does not affect fetal development in any way. In this case, a woman needs to drink a course of drugs containing hormones.

When the endometriosis was revealedmanifested symptoms, then there is a chance to get rid of the disease with laparoscopy. The main symptoms include unusual pain in the lower abdomen, there may be whitish discharge from the mammary glands, and often there is severe discomfort during sexual intercourse. Endometriosis, which occurs without symptoms, begins to be treated with medications, including hormonal and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The attending physician constantly monitors the resultstreatment. If the size of the endometrium during pregnancy has decreased, then we can state a positive trend. In this case, the health and life of the future baby can no longer worry, but simply continue to observe and treat. And of course, you should take care of your own health even more than usual. And it is best to always go to the doctor and not allow such consequences.

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