How to open the "Kinder-Surprise" and close it back? An original gift for loved ones

Chocolate Eggs "Kinder-Surprise" are positionedas a treat for children, but adults are often not indifferent to them. The secret of success is simple: delicious chocolate and a cute souvenir inside. What is especially pleasant is that the surprise is full, one can never guess exactly which toy will fall inside the egg. If desired, this unusual candy can be used as an original packaging for a gift. How to open the "Kinder" and close it back?

Original gift with your own hands

How to open the Kinder
All you need to create an unusualpresentation-surprise - the egg "Kinder", a knife and the gift itself. Inside delicacies, you can hide anything: a sweet note, jewelry, jewelry, a trifle with a personal hint. How to open the "Kinder-Surprise" with their own hands? It's very simple - carefully remove the foil. You will see a chocolate egg, joined at the seam. With a sharp knife, divide the figure into two parts at the junction. Here is the answer to the question of how to open the "Kinder-Surprise"! But what to do next with a figurative delicacy? Once you get to the plastic capsule, you need to remove the factory toy and invest your gift.

How to open the "Kinder" and close it back?

Open the kinder surprise
Inner plastic egg close upit is not difficult at all. And what about the chocolate halves? The way is - take the knife and heat its blade, carefully draw a warm metal along the cut of one halve. Now repeat this manipulation with the second part and try to quickly connect the chocolate figurine. If the egg has exactly stuck together, you've got it right, now it's only nice to pack a gift. Carefully wrap the chocolate in wrapping foil, most importantly - do not tear and rumple it. Now hand on occasion your unusual sweet gift to the addressee. And do not forget, now we open the "Kinder-Surprise" together, because you want to see the recipient's reaction?

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