Mastiff Hercules is the biggest dog in the world

And do you know that Mastiff Hercules is the biggest dog in the world? And what did you hear about this breed?

Mastiff Hercules


Neapolitan mastiff, or mastino is filled,or just mastino - official breed. It is a descendant of fighting dogs, which participated in the battles and hunting of wild animals on the arenas in ancient Rome. Mastino was a warrior and a gladiator, a police assistant and an accomplice of criminals, a personal bodyguard and a watchman. Now Mastino - pets and family members.


Neapolitan mastiff Hercules

Mastino very rarely barks.Having a huge size and strength, is able to drive out anyone, but without a command does not attack: he is friendly and peaceful. Very attached to the owner. Do not tolerate loneliness and content in the aviary. The dog is characterized by good memory and high intelligence. Mastino Poleetano has a coarse, strong bones and strong musculature. Dogs are characterized by a massive head and a wide skull with sagging skin that forms folds. Mastinos have a short neck, a broad muscular back. The belly of the dog is fit. One third of the thick, tapering tail is stopped. Males have a height at the withers of 65-72 centimeters, and bitches - 60-68. They weigh from 50 to 68 kilograms. Neapolitan mastiff has black, blue, gray or tiger short hair. White spots on the chest and on the fingers are allowed.


Mastino podetano can suffer from dysplasia of the hip joint and swelling. When a puppy is born, caesarean sections are almost always used.


Mastiff Hercules Photo

Mastino Poleetano originates fromTibetan mastiff. In the south of the Apennine peninsula, they have known him for a long time. Mastino was brought by Alexander the Great from Asia to Greece. Over time, from Greece dogs were brought to Italy. In the seventies of the twentieth century, the breed of Mastino became widespread in Europe, becoming very prestigious and expensive. In 1946, Pietro Scanciani brought to the exhibition eight dogs of the Mastino breed. As a result of selection, he received an exemplary male. In 1949 this male wrote the standard of the breed.

The largest dog in the world

Mastiff Hercules

The Neapolitan mastiff Hercules is the greatesta dog in the world that enters the Guinness Book of Records. In it, he was in 2001. The owner of the dog is the Englishman Mr. Flynn. The Neapolitan Mastiff Hercules in its four years is stunning. The dog has huge paws the size of a softball ball and neck circumference of almost a meter (0.96 meters). Mastiff Hercules weighs 128 kilograms. He twice exceeded the standard of his breed. Mr. Flynn says that Mastiff Hercules has a natural weight: he was not fed any special diets. Wendy, Flynn's wife, wanted to find a dog that would grow more than their previous beloved Bullmastiff. Mastiff Hercules was the biggest puppy in the brood and grew very fast. A neighbor's boy found on the Internet that the biggest dog of this breed had died. He thought that Mastiff Hercules could replace him in the ranking of dogs of this breed. The boy told Flyn. He sent the application - and soon the mastiff Hercules was entered in the Guinness Book of Records. After this, the dog and its owner are not left alone by reporters and journalists. Everyone is interested in Mastiff Hercules. Photos with his image are placed in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet. The owner of Hercules is also rather big. It weighs 122 kilograms.

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