Riddles about swallows - we develop the horizon

Riddles - the first independent tasks for childrenin the kindergarten. They help to develop in the child ingenuity, help to think, reason and evaluate the various characteristics of the characters in the puzzles. They evoke interest in nature, in the properties of things, they learn to navigate in a world where they came very recently. Knowledge that has come through mysteries, fairy tales, signs and so on, are firmly deposited in children's heads, help enrich the vocabulary

Puzzles. What are they needed for?

Riddles help develop intelligence, deductive and inductive thinking, logic, everything that is useful to a child in later adulthood.

Especially enrichment with various information develops in children, when they come up with riddles themselves, comparing the qualities and properties of objects, connecting them with each other.

Mysteries about animals and birds

Very much like children riddles about animals andbirds. They learn a lot about their life, habits, character. In Russian folklore, there are riddles about bears, dogs and cats, wolves, sparrows and crows, riddles and so on.

For example, you can note such riddles about swallows, like:

  1. Comes to us in the spring, builds a nest so cleverly, before the rain low flies, everyone, of course, knows him.
  2. The tail is like a scissors, the beak is small, flat, black in color. Who are they, guys?
  3. By its habits, you can find out the weather: it flies low - to the rain, high - to clear weather.
  4. Nest of its builds of saliva, clay and sand, feeds on various insects, the tail is divided into two parts.

Riddle of the Swallows

There is a riddle about the swallow - a short one, but according toher description, the child immediately can guess about whom it is: small horse, looks like a swift. A smart kid immediately realizes that a swallow looks like a swallow.

Wealth of Russian Folklore

But in folklore there are not only riddles about swallows, but also omens, and fairy tales, and poems that also help the child understand the future life.

Before, people believed that swallows for the winterpluck out all their feathers and hide under the bark of a tree, that they dive into the water and overwinter there before the thaw. They believed that only young and healthy birds are selected from the water, while old and sick people remain croaking frogs there.

According to ancient signs, whoever sees the swallow first will be happy and successful throughout the year.

The riddle about the swallow is short

Thanks to many years of observations, people have learned that after all the swallows do not burrow into the mud in the pond, waiting for the end of frosts, and fly south.

Therefore, riddles about swallows and other birds and animals are necessary for the further development of the horizon of the child.

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