Exotic cat - your charming favorite

There is such a breed of cats that touches everyoneits appearance. It's exotic. Exot - the breed of cats is still very young. Its history does not last fifty years, nevertheless, it has already firmly taken the leading place in the top ten most popular and favorite species.

cat exot

Exot no one deduced, he appeared "accidentally." Breeders pursued the goal of improving the breed of American Shorthair cat, slightly diversify its color. To do this, selected green-eyed silvery Persians, which had a characteristic chunky type of hull.

The first results impressed the breeders: The kittens born as a result of the experiment were not at all similar to American shorthair cats. Much more they resembled the Persians, but with one significant difference. Kittens had a thick and short "plush" coat of different colors. Thus, there was a completely new breed - exotic shorthair, which was registered.

Cat exot - a charming animal that does notwill leave no one indifferent. A large round head, a very small snub nose, thick and soft cheeks, a smooth line of lips. The chin is very powerful, widely planted large bulging eyes. The body is fairly well balanced, has a heavy and powerful backbone, it is perfectly proportional and maximally close to the square shape. A few short, but powerful legs. The coat is very thick and dense with a thick undercoat, which completely falls out during molting.

exot breed of cats

It would seem, with such appearance exotic catneeds some special care. However, it is not. Wool of the animal is enough to comb out once a week to prevent the undercoat from stalling. She should not bathe more than once a month. The only thing that should be given serious consideration is washing. Exot - a cat that needs daily washing of lacrimal ducts with the help of napkins and a specially designed product. Unfortunately, quite often in these animals there is such a serious disease as polycystic kidney, which is transmitted by inheritance and which, alas, is incurable.

Cat exotic - it's affectionate, charming and ona rare stable animal. She is perfectly adapted to life in a city apartment. Very attached to the owner, which she chooses from the household. A cheerful and playful temper preserves to a very old age.

Exotic cat is stress-resistant, it will easily transfera long trip or relocation, but on one condition - there must be a loved one nearby. With other animals, behaves very friendly. Due to the fact that the breed is very young, knots are still allowed between exotic and Persian, although long-haired exotics are not allowed to visit the exhibitions.

exot cat

A cat exot is a keeper of home comfort andheat, a sponge that absorbs your tenderness. She is the decoration of your home. Exot appeared in this world only for love. It makes no sense to look for other reasons for its appearance in your home. Exot - a breed of cats, which is very strongly attached to the owner and hard to tolerate loneliness. This is a gentle and very playful creature that positively relates to cats, dogs and children. They, unlike phlegmatic Persians, are cheerful and inquisitive.

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