Siamese Cats

Cats are one of the most mysterious animals that never submitted to a man to the end. The image of the cat has always enveloped the areole of mystery and grace.

Siamese cats are one of the oldest andthe most famous breed on these animals. They won their popularity mainly due to the unusual color and very friendly character. Currently, they can be found on all continents.


The first mention of these cats appeared inthe sixteenth century, when Siamese cats began breeding in the royal court of Siam (now Thailand). In the late nineteenth century, the first Europeans began to bring these animals to the Old Continent, crossing them with representatives of other races.
Originally bred Siamese cats were notare too similar to the existing representatives of this breed, however, with subsequent human intervention, a modern standard was eventually created.
The main characteristic of the Siamese breed.

Siamese cat body structure is similar to manyother breeds of their family. They are characterized by very thin and elongated trunks and limbs, which give the impression that the animal is exhausted.
Although in terms of structure, Siamese cats are no different from others, only their wool has a very characteristic and unique color, called kolor point or point (darker spots).

Siamese cats are very social animals,who like to be in the spotlight. It is very friendly and true to its owner of animals. Sometimes this connection is so strong that cats become very jealous, which can lead in extreme cases to attacks on other members of the family, which is often regarded as rancor - a common and erroneous opinion about this breed of the cat family.
At the same time, these are very curious animals that demonstrate a subtle mind and confidence in new arrivals seeking asylum.

How to care for Siamese cats

Siamese cats, like most breeds, are veryeasy to breed and they do not require special care. With regular and daily care, the quality of animal wool improves, cats become healthier.

In addition, in terms of nutrition, Siamese cats are notsomething must be nourished with something special and special. It is important only that the food is properly balanced and diverse. Alternating dry food with regular food, as well as feeding from time to time with pieces of fresh meat, will create favorable conditions for the Siamese kitten to get all the nutrients necessary for development and growth. It is also important to control the amount of feed supplied, because the representatives of this breed very quickly gain weight in a short time and there is a possibility that the animal will get fat. Siamese cats, unfortunately, have a number of genetic defects that can only show up after a few years. Very common diseases of Siamese cats - this is the entropy of the eyes, the loss of the third century, the deformation of the bridge (the so-called frog syndrome) or dysplasia of the hip joint.

In particular, this type of dysfunction is defined inThe case of cats, bred and crossed by inexperienced people. At the slightest sign of the disease it is necessary to go to the vet, because if the dysfunction is not treated, then it can cause great difficulties in the normal functioning of the animal. In addition, constant pain can lead to a cat all the time will be very nervous and irritable, and this, in turn, will certainly affect her attitude to the family. Providing a normal care for a Siamese cat, like any other animal, will help her live longer and make children happy.

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