Dogs of the Akita Inu breed are the national treasure of Japan

Residents of great Japan consider their nationalthe property of dogs of seven different breeds. One of them is the Akita Inu, known to the whole world. This strong, powerful and very beautiful breed was bred for hunting deer, bear and wild boar. Subsequently, dogs of the Akita breed became excellent guards. They are good-natured, but self-respecting, bold and cautious, obedient and boundlessly freedom-loving animals.

dogs of Akita breed

Despite such a stern destination, dogsAkita breeds are very domestic animals that can become true family members. They just love all the household. The meaning of their lives is security. At the same time, akita - the dog is very reserved. This is a real friend who will always be there.

But all the same it is impossible to forget that the dogs of the breedAkita by nature hunters. They are endowed with magnificent sight and striking even for the dog's sense of smell. Moreover, this bogatyr can move absolutely noiselessly, like a cat. Really bliss the animals in winter, when they have the opportunity to run through the snow.

For Japanese, Akita breed dogs aresacred animals. They are sure that they can be the most faithful and loyal friends, brave and reliable defenders of the house, a symbol of the health of all members of the family.

It is not questioned that this is a Japanese rockdogs. Akita has been living in Japan for more than 4000 years. Archeologists discovered clay figurines depicting a dog that date back to the year 2000 BC. e.

Japanese breed of Akita dogs

The status of the Akita nation's symbol was received in 1934,when near the station Shibuya in the capital of Japan - the city of Tokyo - was installed the original monument to the favorite of the professor of the Tokyo University Eisaburo Ueno - the world famous dog Hachiko. A faithful friend of the famous professor every morning accompanied him to the station and met in the evening. Once the irreparable happened, and the professor died right at the university. The dog did not wait for the master, although he was at the station until midnight. The dog returned to the house, and the next morning went back to the station. This went on for a long nine years, until the four-legged friend died. Admirers of his immense fidelity collected funds and they erected a monument to Hachiko. Now he is always at the station of Shibuya and still peers into the distance, trying to see his master.

Dogs of this breed, who are champions andprize-winners of various events, in Japan they depict on commemorative postage stamps. Even there is a law that guarantees to all champions, who lost their master, lifelong maintenance from the state. For a long time these animals were not allowed to be taken out of the country. In rare cases, the royal family could give the puppy to outstanding politicians of other countries. In the postwar period, Akita became the subject of contraband. The animals were illegally exported abroad, not observing the rules of transportation. As a result, many of them died on the way. The government was forced to lift the ban on exports.

Akita breed of dogs price

Akita - a breed of dogs, the price of which varies from twenty to ninety thousand rubles. Such a variation depends on the animal's pedigree, the merits of its ancestors, the rewards, the purity of the breed, and so on.

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