Congratulations on Palm Sunday and its meaning

In spring, a holiday marking the date of entryThe Lord in Jerusalem - Palm Sunday. It is always celebrated one week before Easter. Why is this day so called? The fact is that this holiday is called the Verbnym only in the northern Christian countries - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and in general the Sunday that precedes the Passover is called Palmov. The history of Palm Sunday is revealed in all four Gospels.

When Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem, the people,to greet Him, they cut off the palm branches and threw them under the hooves of the donkey and the colt on which the Lord rode. People sang His hosanna, palms along with their palms along the path of the cortege and welcomed Christ as the Messiah, the future King of Israel and the Savior. The essence of this holiday is precisely to feel the approach of the main holiday of Christianity - the Resurrection of the Lord, therefore congratulations on Palm Sunday should reflect its deep meaning.

Palm Sunday Holiday ChristianThe church began to celebrate in the fourth century, and in the tenth century. he began to be celebrated in Russia. Since palms do not grow in Russia, people celebrate the day of the entrance of the Lord to Jerusalem, and the people cut off willow branches - thus, soon the holiday itself became known as Palm Sunday. Why is willow? This tree blooms before others. Delicate fluffy "seals" of pussy will remind of the spring, the imminent resurrection of nature and, more broadly, the Resurrection of our Lord. Before this holiday, it is customary to cut off branches of flowering willows, decorate them with ribbons festively and, together with a burning candle, carry them to the temple, where they sprinkle them with holy water. After that, the branches are brought into the house and stored as a talisman before Pentecost. Previously, it was a custom to jestingly twig the branches of the willows of children so that they would grow up healthy, and bring greetings to Palm Sunday to all relatives and friends.

On this day it was allowed to eat fish, but withMonday after the holiday began a strict post, which by tradition began the Passion Week. The festival of the solemn entrance of the Lord to Jerusalem is, first of all, the memory of the day when Christ entered the path of the cross of suffering. Therefore, congratulations on Palm Sunday should take into account the specifics of the holiday. After all, what did the Lord do first when he entered the city? He came to the temple and drove out all those who bought and sold, saying: "My house is called the house of prayer, and you made a den of robbers out of it." And short congratulations with Palm Sunday should wish a person to purify his soul from vain, mercantile thoughts and prepare it for the proper celebration of Easter.

Further, Jesus Christ healed the infirm, who cameto him. These weak people sincerely believed that Christ is the Messiah who came from above to save the human race. Therefore, their faith and healed them. Congratulations on Palm Sunday may contain wishes for health, getting rid of hardships and worries. Wishing many years of life and health, still do not forget that Palm Sunday is a religious holiday, not a birthday. In his wishes, it is worth invoking the guardian angel of a person to patronize him, expressing the hope that God will not allow misfortune to happen to him.

According to an old custom, on the PalmSunday baked bread, one of them baked a coin. Who will get a loaf of bread with a coin, he will be happy and lucky all year round, and if a coin finds a girl in the bread for extortion, in the same year she will successfully marry. Congratulations on the Palm holiday were not limited to the wishes of health to the household. We wished for health and an offspring of cattle (for this purpose fed it with sprinkled willow sprats sprinkled with water).

People's signs consider this day important for the future harvest: if the weather is windy, frosty, then the spring will give a good harvest.

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