Serengeti - a cat that jumps by itself

Serengeti is a unique breed of cats. It happened from the oriental and Bengali. Serengeti - a half-savage cat, her character and many habits are inherent only in this breed. With its withdrawal, the breeders pursued the goal of creating a kind of domesticated serval. And even a breed was named in honor of the park in Tanzania, in which this predator lives.


These cats are of medium size, strong build. The body of the animal is somewhat stretched, has the shape of a pipe. Legs unusually long, muscular and strong. Thanks to such limbs, a cat can jump from a place to a distance of two meters. The fat tail has a narrowing to the tip. Its length can be either short or medium. The head is wedge-shaped, it seems small because of large ears. The profile of the cat is straight, forming a corner in the zone of overburden.

Serengeti cat

Serumete cheeks are poorly developed, almost notperform. The length of the ears is the same as the length of the head. The base of the ears is wide, the sink is deep. The ears are high and straight. The eyes are wide, round and large. Most cats have dark eyes, mostly copper-colored. In the tone, yellowness is allowed, but still it is undesirable.

Description of the breed of cats includes a soft,soft, short coat. Coloring spotted. The shape of the spots is round or somewhat elongated horizontally. Vertical stretching is not allowed. A special sign of the breed are the paths from the inner corners of the eyes upwards.


The breed of Serengeti cats is quite new, so farNot recognized by some breeder associations. Despite its artificial origin, it has a wild character. In this case serengeti is a cat that is kind, loves to play. For these animals, it is almost immaterial to whom they frolic, if only it lasted a long time. A curious feature of this breed, noticed by specialists during breeding, is the amazing talkability of cats. Serengeti is not just meowing, but also reproducing other sounds, trying to find a common language with the master. They are very attached to him.

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If the house has other animals, you can notTo doubt that the serenget will play the dominant role. The fact is that the desire for leadership is laid in the genes, so for a cat it does not matter whether others agree with its role. In any case, she will achieve her goal by punishing all opponents. To people cats are very affectionate and kind. Often, their tenderness becomes obtrusive, which is also a manifestation of their leadership qualities.


Before buying serenget you need to weigh everythingfactors. Most of the habits remained in the cat from the wild ancestors. Therefore, the character of the serenget is wild, they are hardy and are distinguished by strong health. The breed has a genetic disease - urolithiasis, but in our time this problem is easily solved with the help of medications. However, in order to prevent this ailment, it is necessary, after purchasing the animal, to consult with a veterinarian who will help to choose the appropriate diet for the pet.

Serenget cats

Serengeti - a cat rather unpretentious in care,so the owner does not need special skills or special knowledge. The main thing to take care of is the purity of the coat. Since the hairs are rather short, the combing spotted coat does not require combing. But after all during this procedure, not only the pollution is removed. This is also a wonderful massage, which positively affects the health of the cat and very much like it. Therefore, combing the darling is still needed. To do this, choose either brushes with rubber teeth, or suede fabric. Ears and eyes of an animal are cleaned with ordinary hygiene means.


Since serengeti - a cat almost wild, to herit is necessary to move a lot. If the apartment does not have this opportunity, then the cat needs to be strolled. But you can not let her out into the street alone, because in moments of danger, the serengete will not run away, because she is quite warlike. To protect other people's pets from her character and not let her cat suffer, you need to keep an eye on her while walking or take her out on a long leash.

serengeti cat price

Acquisition of

Acquisition of the animal is necessary in breeders, inclubs of cat lovers or in nurseries. Only with such a purchase can you be absolutely sure that you will be sold exactly serengeti. A cat, the price of which ranges from 18 to 60 thousand rubles, is becoming more popular. The cost depends on the pedigree of parents, their titles and regalia. As with other animals, the price of a prospective female is higher than that of a cat of the same level.

Even if you have never had a cat, this breedis suitable for becoming the first, as this cat does not require any special skills or knowledge from its owners. It is enough to just love it and give it the opportunity to be yourself - a proud and beautiful servant in your home.

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