Where to celebrate New Year in St. Petersburg?

New Year is the main winter holiday of the country.Every resident dreams of meeting it at the highest level in any corner of the big Russia. Regardless of whether you live in St. Petersburg or come to stay, the New Year's Eve here is a truly unforgettable event.

St. Petersburg in winter

Город на Неве славится не только шикарными видами and historical monuments, but also weather conditions. If you are seriously thinking about the idea of ​​meeting the New Year in St. Petersburg, stock up warm clothes. Required attributes - a warm scarf, gloves or mittens, as well as a hat. December and January in St. Petersburg are often snowy and frosty, although there are fogs and even a plus temperature. The most difficult thing is to get used to frequent and rather strong winds, but can this prevent you from enjoying the festive mood of the Northern capital?

New Year in St. Petersburg

Despite the cold, St. Petersburg celebrates winterholidays with great scope and festivities. The city is already changing in the middle of December: Christmas trees, lights and other ornaments are lit, New Year's fairs appear.

What to see on the eve of the holiday

Mark the New Year in St. Petersburg - the ideawonderful. Arriving on the eve of the holiday in the city on the Neva, you can get to the pre-holiday atmosphere and go to the fairs. To services of inhabitants and visitors of a city fur-tree bazaars with the most beautiful fur-trees and ornaments for them. At the Pioneer Square, the Christmas Fair opens every year, until January 11th. Here, according to tradition, there are houses of different countries where you can not only dip in the tradition of celebrating, but also taste dishes from different countries.

Another fair fair opens in"Passage" on Nevsky Prospekt. What is there only! From festive decoration to unique gifts, which can be brought as a present to relatives. Traditional New Year bazaars are opened in shopping centers, in the courtyard of the Mikhailovsky Castle, in the Tsurupy recreation center.

The eve of the holiday in St. Petersburg also givesresidents and guests of the city various concerts and theatrical productions. Residents of the northern capital advise to pay attention to the repertoire of the Mariinsky Theater, BDT named Tovstonogov, Academic Theater named after the Lensovet.

Where to stay

New Year in St. Petersburg will cost a little more than if the trip was made on weekdays. This concerns the removal of housing: in St. Petersburg you can rent a hotel, hostel or apartment.

to celebrate New Year in St. Petersburg

Depending on the possibilities of the guest in the city onNeve will find any accommodation. There are a lot of inexpensive small cozy hoteliers in the center and large hotels. When choosing housing, you need to pay attention to the location and distance from the metro.

If the traveler does not like himselfchoose hotels and trust this option to travel agencies, then buying a tour for the New Year in St. Petersburg is an excellent alternative. Such a tourist package includes usually hotel accommodation and tickets in both directions for the right dates.

New Year's Eve in the restaurant

New Year's Eve in St. Petersburg inrestaurant is a great idea. Each visitor on the night of December 31 to January 1 will wait from the restaurant for some unusual show. It is on this night that preference is given more to the landmark places that offer unusual events on a solemn night. A wide choice of restaurants in the Northern capital will make it possible to make a choice in favor of the very one that will suit both the strict judge of the cuisine and those who prefer the average bill in the restaurant.

where to meet the new year in St. Petersburg

Residents of the city advise guests the following well-known places, where you can have fun and get an unforgettable experience:

  1. Restaurant "Flying Dutchman" at the Exchange Bridge on Mytninskaya embankment. Here New Year's Eve will cost from 15000 rubles and above.
  2. Unusual place to the New Year inSt. Petersburg remained in memory for life - this is the club "Purga". It is located on the embankment of the Fontanka River, house 11, and here every day there are unusual performances. On New Year's Eve "Purga" will become a place very cheerful and unusual.
  3. On Liteiny Prospekt there is a bar "Ugly Coyote", which is also famous for its democratic prices and an excellent show.

New Year's Eve in the streets of the city

The majority of tourists come to the city on the Neva River to meet the holiday right on the street, get the energy of the city, enjoy the beauty of the street decoration, chat with the residents.

It is these tourists who are most interested in the question of where to celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg. I want to get there, where all the fun will happen.

mark a new year in St. Petersburg

The place of folk festivals on New Year's Evebecomes Nevsky Prospekt. He amazes with his lights. Here there are acquaintances and get acquainted for the first time. Nevsky Prospect's facilities are open all night. If you want to relax, you can look in one of the clubs or in a small cafe, if there is a place in it.

Another popular place for festivities will bePeter-Pavel's Fortress. Here, ice sculptures are being built, a huge screen is being installed. From here, as well as from all embankments of the Neva, the festive salute will be perfectly seen.

Alternative options for celebrating

New Year in St. Petersburg not everyone is tryingto spend in a circle of friends and relatives at home or on Nevsky. Some residents go to the bath, and many people become a tradition, like the heroes of the famous "Irony of Fate".

Someone tries, on the contrary, to leave St. Petersburg and meet a holiday at the dacha or in a small town near the Northern capital, for example in Tsarskoe Selo, where it is cozy and not so noisy.

meeting of the new year in St. Petersburg

Fans of adventures can dare to meetNew Year on the famous roofs of St. Petersburg. This is quite possible, but you need to be careful. But what kind of view will open to those who decide on this event!

How to celebrate the main holiday of the year, eachsolves itself. Someone likes to sit in a circle of family and enjoy home-made dishes, and someone prefers fun in the clubs of the city. The main thing is to make the New Year unforgettable!

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