Manual braid: ancient, but necessary

Summer ... The inhabitant of a megacity comes for a city andenjoys natural beauty. From everywhere birds singing, beautiful butterflies fly, smells of freshly cut grass. Smells of hay and wild flowers intoxicate.

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For the first time not everyone has

For those who have a house in the village or a summer residence, it is knownsuch an ancient tool of labor as a braid. Mastering the mowing skills is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Such a simple tool, like a hand braid, suddenly starts to act in awkward hands: it mows unevenly, often even cuts an ant or suddenly begins to pass over its surface, stubbornly unwilling to mow, as it should, smoothly cutting off the grass in a smooth array. A little "working" in this way, you experience unpleasant sensations from the corns rubbed on your hands. It hurts, nothing happens, and the thought creeps into my head: "Well, this scythe to the dog, it's better to buy a lawn mower!"

Call of the Ancestors

And yet, if you decide to buy a holidayplot or build a house, you will have to master the mowing skills. But when the manual spit is no longer associated with you with the remnants of the past, you will definitely "make friends". Cawing one morning in the grass on your lawn, you suddenly involuntarily feel a subtle connection to your ancestors.

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Here are some rules for how to mow:

  1. When you have a manual plait in your hand, you need to get up and spread your legs slightly.

  2. Mowing should be from left to right and vice versa. The main thing is that the blade is pressed tightly to the ground.

  3. Guiding movements mow along the radius, grabbing about 15 centimeters of grass.

  4. After every 1-2 strokes, move forward slightly, 20 cm.

  5. The trunk should be slightly tilted forward, the knees straight, the head not tilted.

  6. Do not be distracted from work, all attention should be concentrated on the mowing process.

Scythe - what is it?

What is the instrument? It consists of a curved sharp blade, a base (long stick) with a side ring (holder). Through it, the blade is fixed in the cuttings. That's all the wisdom. It easily copes with any obstacles, hard-to-reach areas of grass - for example, in a corner near the house. In addition, the hand braid is also environmentally friendly equipment: no smell of gasoline and noiselessness in operation.

grass spit manual folding
Models that offer specializedshops "Everything for the garden and garden", as well as online stores, can be different: "pink salmon" or "rack", as well as a grass spit hand folding for convenient transportation and assembly of the structure in place.

The length of models may also differ:

  1. For even, unobstructed sections, a model of length 7 or 8 (dm) is suitable.

  2. For mowing grass in hard-to-reach places, models with a value of 5 and 6 (dm) are intended.

Those who decided to purchase such equipment as a hand braid, the price will pleasantly surprise: prices - from 300 rubles and above. Very inexpensive, if compared with another garden and garden tools.

Our great-great-grandfathers were wise and created a simple and convenient tool that we should not forget ourselves, and our children should be trained to handle it. Enjoy your mowing!

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