Griffin is a dream dog!

Against the backdrop of numerous house dogs, such as the Chihuahua, the Yorkshire and the Toy Terriers, such breeds as Griffon are kept apart - the dogs are small but have a rich history.

griffin dog
Such lovely muzzles please people more than 500years. But, unfortunately, in our country their popularity is low, despite the simplicity in keeping these pets, their natural charm and friendly nature. What is hiding under the harsh name "griffin"? Dogs of three breeds immediately bear this proud name: the Belgian and Brussels griffins and the Brabanson birds, also ranked among them. As it becomes obvious from the titles, the homeland of these little dogs is Belgium, although they are popular for the most part in the USA.

griffin photo dog
What do these dogs look like? Brussels and Belgian griffins refer to longhaired breeds. The first of them is a red-haired dog with a tough hair and a beard, which gives his face a sly expression. The Belgian griffon dog differs from its Brussels counterpart except in the color of wool - for Belgians it should be black with tan. And so, all the same bulging eyes, all the same beard and cheerful disposition in stock. Unlike them, the third brother-griffin differs smooth short hair. The representatives of the Brabanson breed are like very small boxers. Especially noticeable is the similarity, if the pups are stopped by ears.

Disney's adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland"is perhaps the best illustration of what a griffin is. A dog-flower in the garden of talking plants is exactly him. His round head, framed by ears and beards, resembles a corolla of pansies. Here's a funny griffin. Photo (a dog with a cute face) shows how beautiful he really is.

Belgian gryphon dog

What else can you say about this breed? What else is noticeable about the griffin? These dogs have a good psyche, which is very important for pets. Their character is not aggressive, but you can not call it cowardly. It's really a family dog. Griffin will seek friendship with every member of the family and other domestic pets. For people of the age, such dogs will not cause trouble, since they try to keep the pace of the host's walk at a walk and do not try to play pranks like representatives of many other breeds. Another plus is their ease and self-sufficiency. They are really intelligent, try not to cause trouble to the owners and can quite entertain themselves if the owner is busy or tired. They also love to sleep on the knees of their owners.

In addition, representatives of the breed griffin - dogsfor children and teenagers. They are not so fragile and nervous as Toy Terriers or Yorkies, while they are compact, fun and in the shower themselves stay for a long time. With such a dog, the child will be able to learn responsibility and will never get bored in life. So if you are planning to have a small animal in a city apartment and do not want to suffer from the harmful nature, fragility and hysteria of most small breeds, look at one of the representatives of small Belgian dogs - griffins.

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