Blood in the urine of a cat: treatment and prevention

Many of us keep cats as our ownfavorite pets. We always experience when they begin to ache. Often, we simply do not know how to behave in different situations. One of the most common phenomena is the blood in the urine of a cat.

blood in the urine of a cat

Possible reasons

For starters, it is important to note that normalit is considered urine, which has no sharp odor, color and is transparent. If something is wrong, then it speaks of the disease of cats. Blood in the urine can be a consequence of urolithiasis or cystitis. Both these diseases must be treated urgently. However, first of all, you should go to a doctor for advice. He will do the necessary tests and make a diagnosis. Further, treatment with immunostimulants, diuretics and antibiotics will be prescribed.

Development of urolithiasis

blood in urine treatment

This pathology is considered one of the mostcommon. It should be noted that sand and stones are formed not in the kidneys, but in the bladder. Moreover, in cats, this disease occurs much more often than in cats. Animals usually begin to fall ill at the age of 2-6 years.

Here you can trace the formation of stones of twotypes: struvite and oxalate. Features of urolithiasis of cats are somewhat different, unlike dogs or humans. The cause of struvites can be called incorrect feeding. There should not be a lot of phosphorus and magnesium in the food. Also, the acidity of urine changes during this disease. Many people mistakenly believe that cats need to be fed with fish. And such food contributes to the development of urolithiasis, after which the cat goes to the toilet with blood.

Obesity is also a serious risk factor. Some believe that such a disease contributes to dry food. However, it is not. Many feeds are created with the preventive purpose of such pathology and contain all the necessary vitamins and microelements. The main thing is to provide the animal with the right amount of water. As a result of consumption of poor-quality feed, its components can turn sour in the urine, and in older cats, oxalates precipitate. Fortunately, this phenomenon is not considered too common.

cats disease blood in the urine

Clinical signs of the disease

The blood in the urine of a cat is not the only onea symptom of such a pathology. The animal often begins to go to the toilet and experiences obvious discomfort. Such a disease is extremely dangerous, because the grains are converted into a cork, which does not allow the urine to flow freely out of the bladder. In order to see how much the bladder is full, you can just feel it. Normally, it should not exceed the size of a walnut.

If it is larger, it should immediatelygo to the veterinary clinic. This condition is very dangerous for the life of the animal. It begins to feel very bad. Due to the fact that the bladder is too stretched, its blood vessels begin to burst, urine is in the blood, resulting in a strong intoxication of the body. The cat stops drinking and eating, almost does not move, and after it starts to vomit, the muscles cramp, and there is a shiver. That is why, as soon as blood is detected in the urine, treatment should be started immediately. So you can have time to completely cure the animal of an evil disease. And if you do not do anything for a long time, your pet will die very soon.

the cat goes to the toilet with blood

Blood in a pregnant or having given birth to a cat

Particular attention should be given to pregnant womenanimals. If there is blood in the urine of a cat that expects offspring, this should seriously alarm its owners. Until the very birth of any such discharge it should not be. If at any time of pregnancy something like this occurs, the animal should be immediately shown to the vet. The specialist should first examine the patient and make him an ultrasound. This survey will help determine the condition of the fruit.

In order to stop the bleeding, the doctormust stabble the hemostatic. It can be a remedy "Vikasol" or "Dicinon". It should be noted that cats are rather unusual creatures. Even if they lose one kitten after 1.5 months of pregnancy, they are able to endure and give birth to those who are absolutely healthy. Therefore, having found the blood in the urine of a cat, do not immediately panic. Just need to show the animal specialist. After birth, the uterus coats for about two weeks. This phenomenon is considered absolutely normal. The main thing is to change the bedding in time at the parturient woman and not to allow secretions that have an unpleasant smell.

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