How to care for a newborn girl. The main features of hygiene

Becoming the happy parents of the baby manywonder: "How to care for a newborn girl?" Hygiene of babies has characteristics and is significantly different from the care of boys. Therefore, you need to carefully examine the genitals of the newborn and make sure of the norm of their structure. This article will describe the proper care for the girl, take into account all its nuances, as well as give useful advice and recommendations.

how to care for a newborn baby

All about caring for a newborn baby.

The hygiene of newborn babies includes the main points:

  • skin care (bathing, washing, using only clean ironed things, etc.);
  • prevention and treatment of diaper rash (thorough washing, timely replacement of diapers, use of powder or cream, air baths, etc.);
  • handling and care of the umbilical cord;
  • prevention and treatment of pyoinflammatory skin diseases;
  • prevention and treatment of conjunctivitis;
  • care of ears;
  • Nasal hygiene;
  • Nails and care for them.

newborn girls
Newborn girls. Permissible norms of the structure of the genital organs

Clitoris in the baby should not be greatly increased.Normally, a small swelling of the labia, but large should cover and protrude over small ones. It is also acceptable secretion of secretion (rarely - with blood veins), redness and swelling of the mammary glands. When there is a hormonal adjustment, everything will return to normal on its own. But if something is different from the above and alarms you, it is better not to delay and turn to a pediatric gynecologist.

How to care for a newborn girl. Features

Because of the distinctive features of the structure of the genitalorgans of the newborn baby they are easily exposed to various infections and sensitive to stimuli from the outside. Their mucous is very thin, tender and vulnerable. It is very easy to injure, and even unnoticeable damage can be a gateway for harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Therefore, they should be looked after carefully, adhering to certain recommendations.


An important point in the question of how to care for a newborn girl is the erosion of the genitals. Do this after every shift

all about caring for a newborn
diaper.Just wipe with wet napkins here is absolutely not enough. They can remove the remains of stool, and then you need to rinse the baby's genitals under warm running water. To avoid getting stool remnants and infecting the infection, you should wash only with clean hands in the direction from the labia to the anus. For the same purpose, you can not wash the baby in a cup or any other container. Wipe clean baby should be like this: dry the area of ​​the sexual slit, then the labia and the surrounding skin, folds in the groin, and then - the area of ​​the anal opening. In no case can not rub the inside of the labia.

Mammary gland

If the mammary glands are swollen and out of themappears colostrum, you can not massage the girl's chest and squeeze out the emerging selection. In a few weeks, these problems should disappear on their own.

How to care for a newborn girl. Summarizing

All other points of care practically do not differ from the general ones. However, it is especially necessary to wash and iron things of the girl, so that the bacteria could not do any harm to your baby.

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