How to organize a summer holiday in a kindergarten

All people love holidays. Especially it concerns children. They are something from any event just delighted. So why not arrange a warm feast for the kids and not organize a summer holiday in kindergarten?

summer holiday in kindergarten

First of all, it is necessary to determinewhen you need to prepare an event. So, the most successful time is the end of spring-early summer, when it is possible to arrange a farewell to May and a meeting of warm June. In addition, the street is warm and comfortable, and the kids will not be embarrassed by the huge amount of dressed warm clothes.


It is worth thinking about where will be helda summer holiday in a kindergarten. In the building it is simply not interesting to cook, because you want to feel the summer with every cell of your body. Therefore, the most successful place will be a children's playground in the garden or a nearby glade. You can, of course, go further and lead children to the bank of the river or into the forest, but here it is necessary to call for help the parents.

holiday summer script
What do you need?

About what it is necessary to think beforehand, that withoutproblems hold a summer holiday in kindergarten? Strange as it may sound, it is necessary to take care of satisfying the child's primary needs: heat, food, water. So, it is possible to organize a small furshetik with a quick snack, so the events will be better perceived. Just in case, you need to take with you umbrellas or raincoats for every baby, because the weather is changeable and may soon deteriorate (it is better to hold a holiday near the kindergarten). Well, do not forget about what might be needed in contests: music, gifts, the right tool.

summer holiday for children

What else should you think in advance to be excellentto hold a summer holiday? The script, of course! You can pre-record everything in order not to miss the slightest detail. So, there is no need to organize costume balls or other dressing, just you can think about fun and fervent contests that kids should like. It is necessary to alternate physical exercises with mental activity, so that children are not quickly overwhelmed. You also need to think about awarding winners in different competitions, so children will want to participate and win more. Well, what is the summer holiday in kindergarten without songs and dances? You can preliminarily learn a few cheerful songs so that later, in nature, all of them sing together. Also, the carapoys like collective dances and common dances. You can also include them in the program.


And for a summer holiday for childrenremembered the kids for a long time, it is necessary to somehow brightly finish this day. The first thing that arises in thoughts is salute, but in that case it will be inappropriate, because no one will walk till the dark time of the day. But the launch of balloons is exactly what you need. Especially since the boys really like balls, and from this they will only be delighted. You can also pre-prepare special medals for everyone who was on the holiday, and give them to each child. So the children will long remember and be proud of having become participants in such an important event as the summer meeting this year.

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