A mattress inflatable in a tent is a simple solution for a hike

If you like to travel, go camping orjust go out into the countryside, then you are familiar with the problem that many tourists are facing. How to spend the night in a tent so that you feel comfortable and warm? This question is decided by each in its own way, going on a long journey. But there is one correct solution - it is to purchase an inflatable mattress in the tent!

Inflatable mattress in the tent

A unique invention will allow you to enjoyvacation in almost any place. Install a tent, inflate an inflatable mattress and a comfortable rest to you is provided. Let's look at the main features of this product so that you can choose the right mattress.

So, inflatable mattresses for tents makeof dense synthetic material, which is based on vinyl. Such material is distinguished by its strength, elasticity and ensures the service life of the product. High-quality, environmentally-friendly material has a flock coating that prevents the sheets from slipping off the mattress.

Inflatable mattresses for tents
For a comfortable holiday manufacturershave foreseen special design. The mattress inflatable in the tent has a longitudinal undulating structure. This special orthopedic solution allows a person after a hard day to relax and relax as much as possible. Such a mattress accepts the configuration of the human body, evenly distributing the load.

Another feature of this product isthat it can be used for bathing. The unique property of the material allows the mattress to easily stay on the water and dry quickly after use.

A mattress inflatable in a tent can be sold incomplete with a cushion and a pump, or all this can be purchased separately. Manufacturers offer at your choice various pumps: manual, foot and electric. Some models have a built-in mechanical pump, with which to pump, and then blow away the mattress will not be very difficult. It takes only a few minutes.

large inflatable mattresses
Due to its compactness in the assembled form, mattresses do not take up much space and can easily fit in the trunk of your car. The package always contains a bag or a box for storage.

There are many models, but the mainThe difference is the size. When buying any mattress you need to determine the size of the desired product. Manufacturers offer a choice of single, one-and-a-half and double mattresses. In a four-seat tent large inflatable mattresses are suitable. They are able to completely cover the space from edge to edge. At the same time, the load of four people is maintained - this is approximately 280 - 300 kg.

More and more famous became a mattressinflatable in the tent due to its versatility in use. If unexpected guests have arrived, then you have an extra bed. On the mattress you can sunbathe, use for sleeping at home or at the cottage, etc. The purchase of an air mattress will be your ideal solution in any situation!

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