How many to walk with a newborn in the winter? Recommendations of specialists

Winter walks with the child. What can be more pleasant for a newly mummy? During the walk, a woman can relax and rest, while the baby usually sleeps peacefully in the stroller. However, parents often ask: how many to walk with a newborn in the winter? This is the answer to this article. You will learn about the specifics of this process. You can also find out how much you can walk with a newborn in the winter after you leave the maternity hospital.

how many to walk with the newborn in the winter

Benefits of walking for young children

The question is, how many to walk with the newborn in the winter,many couples are not even asked. They are sure that such walks are dangerous for the baby. That's why they prefer to sit out at home until they reach the smallest age of 3 months. By that time, spring is coming. However, this tactic is incorrect.

Experts say that walks for childrenNeed at any time of the year. After all, the kids are breathing fresh air on the street. In winter frosty weather it is especially useful, as it is devoid of any viruses and bacteria. Do not worry about the child getting sick. Just the opposite. With these walks you will be able to boost your immunity. However, you always need to remember how and how much to walk with the newborn in the winter. If you are concerned about this issue, then be sure to ask his pediatrician. The doctor will dispel your doubts and give the necessary recommendations.

The first walk

How long can you walk with a newborn in the winter? If the crumb was born in the cold season, your first walk will take place at the discharge from the maternity hospital. Usually the crumb does not stay long on the street. While Mom comes to the car and goes into the house, only a couple of minutes will pass. This is quite enough for a week-old baby.

This walk does not take into account the temperatureair. After all, in any weather, you need to somehow leave the hospital. That's why it's worth taking care of warm clothes for crumbs. It should match your climate. If the winters are severe and the temperature drops to -30 degrees outside the window, then you should not choose thin envelopes with ruffles. Prepare a thick blanket, a blanket and a few flannel diapers. Do not forget about socks and a hat for a crumb.

how much you can walk with a newborn in winter

When and how much to leave the house?

Through how much you can walk with the newbornchild in winter? After discharge from the maternity hospital, doctors are advised to immediately start walking, while gradually increasing their duration. The first exit to the street can last from 5 to 10 minutes. After this, it is advisable to enter the premises and not to walk any more on this day. Closely monitor the condition of the child. If everything went well, then the next day, the time spent on the street can be increased.

The next walk can be more for 10 minutes. In other words, you are allowed to walk for 15 to 20 minutes. This time it is advisable to take along a stroller, because every mom so wants to quickly roll in her baby.

how long to walk with the newborn in the winter

Preterm babies and peculiarities of walks with them

How much to walk with a newborn in winter, if hewas born with a small weight? In this situation, the situation is somewhat different. Specialists give other recommendations. There is a big difference in whether your baby was born prematurely, or simply has a small weight. Children with a body weight of less than 3 kilograms are not recommended to go outdoors at temperatures below 5 degrees. If the baby is premature, then you should start walking only at plus temperature. In this case, the first time just go out on the balcony.

How do doctors explain such limitations? The fact is that the small children are poorly regulated thermoregulation. The smaller the mass and the fatty layer of the baby, the easier it is to freeze. If you do not want hypothermia, then it's best to sit for a few weeks at home until the baby gets stronger.

through how much you can walk with a newborn in the winter

Baby clothes for walking in the cold season

How long does it take to walk with a newborn in the winter? Much depends on how you put on the baby. At temperatures from 0 to minus 5 degrees, a walk of no more than 60 minutes is recommended (given that this is not the first way out of the house). In this case, it is worth to dress the child in warm flannel or flannel fabrics. From the top must necessarily go a second layer of clothing - warmer. The complete set is a blown overall or blanket.

When the temperature outside the window is below 10 degrees,take care that the baby does not stay on the street for more than 30 minutes. His clothing should have 4 layers. First comes a light cotton cloth, then a warmer diaper (flannel or flannel). Next, put on a coverall or an envelope, and completes all this blanket.

When the street is colder than minus 15 degrees, notit is worth going out with a baby at all. Stay at home and ventilate the room more often. If you have a glazed balcony, you can take the crumb there. Remember the relationship of clothing and air temperature.

how much to walk with a newborn in winter

Walking after vaccinations

How much you can walk with a newborn in winter, ifthe child was vaccinated? The first vaccination of babies is usually performed at the age of one month. After immunization the immunity of crumbs is greatly reduced. That's why physicians sometimes do not recommend mothers to take the kids out into the street.

If the child was vaccinated, then on that dayyour walk should be limited to the road from the polyclinic home. It is not recommended to go out more. After vaccination, carefully monitor the baby's condition. If you feel unwell or the body temperature rises, then it is worth staying at home for another three days. If necessary, call a doctor. Once the effects of vaccination are over, you can safely go out into the street. There is no need for a step-by-step increase in time. If you already walked with a crumb until one hour, then continue to do further. Consider temperature conditions.

After the disease

How many it is necessary to walk with a newborn in the winter, ifdid the baby suffer ARVI? In the period of illness, it is altogether worth noting walks. When it comes to commonplace cold with no additional symptoms, then you can go out. However, the air temperature should not be negative.

If the child has fever, cough, and otherssymptoms, it is worth staying at home until full recovery. After eliminating all signs of illness, avoid walking for a few more days. After this, the newborn can be taken out onto the street with a gradual increase in time, as described above.

how many it is necessary to walk with a newborn in the winter

What do the doctors say?

How many it is necessary to walk with the newborn in the winter, onopinion of neonatologists and experienced pediatricians? Doctors say that walks are very useful for crumbs and contribute to its proper development. After the street, the baby's appetite rises, the mood improves, and sleep normalizes. During the stay in the sun, vitamin D is actively produced, which helps to fully absorb calcium. Also this substance prevents the appearance of rickets.

Doctors advise to start walking with the newborna child immediately after discharge from the maternity hospital (provided that there are no restrictions, and the baby feels well). If the street is a plus temperature, then in a few days you can bring your stay with the baby in the fresh air for up to two hours. Divide this time into several parts or arrange one large walk.

Experts recommend to follow not only thetoddler during a walk. Nursing mother also needs special attention. In winter, it is very good to hide the chest. Otherwise, you can chill it. If mastitis has developed, it is better for the mother and the baby to stay at home. After full recovery of the woman, you can continue walking in the usual mode.

Parents' comments on winter walks for newborns

How many minutes walk with the newborn in the winter? What do experienced moms and dads say about this? The opinions of the parents differ on this issue. As you know, some relatives of the baby do not want to go out with him in the first months of life because of the desire to save. Other mums and dads do not agree with this point of view.

Most parents report that they haveon the street with a baby in the winter time, only a week after discharge from the maternity hospital. At the same time the crumb felt great and slept soundly in the fresh frosty air. Such walks could take several hours, despite the recommendations of doctors.

Parents say that the main thing is that it's goodDress the baby. The child should not be cold or hot. When supercooling, the nose of the newborn blushes and becomes cold. If you overheat the crumb, you can understand it by its wet back. It is necessary to select crumbs clothes strictly in accordance with the air temperature. Otherwise, the walk will not do good, but will only do harm. Thermoregulation in newborns does not work well.

how much you can walk with a newborn baby in winter

Short conclusion

If you are preparing to become parents in the wintertime, then be sure to worry about the upcoming walks in advance. Get the clothes that suit your climate for the baby. Also, arm yourself with cosmetics. The skin of newborn babies is very tender. It must be protected from wind and frost. Modern manufacturers produce creams and ointments for babies, which can be used from the first days of life. Be sure to apply these preparations before a walk.

If the skin of the baby after walking is rough andweather-beaten, it must be softened. For this, you can use the compositions "Bepanten" or "Panthenol". If you still have questions about the winter walk or whether unusual situations arise, you should definitely consult your doctor. The pediatrician will help you to solve all the questions and tell the subtleties of air procedures. I wish you success!

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