The best mixture for a premature baby: an overview, features, types and reviews

Every mom wants her baby bornon time and hefty. But there are situations when a child is born prematurely. In this case, Mom should make every effort to ensure that her baby as quickly as possible gained strength and in all respects equaled the young, born on time. An important question in this situation is at first glance very simple: how to choose a mixture for a premature baby?

We feed cautiously

Systems and functions of the premature organismThe newborn is still immature. Especially it concerns the digestive system. Therefore, it is only possible to artificially feed a baby born before the age of the karapause in the absence and intolerance of the mother's milk. For such crumbs, the mixtures with which they can be fed differ greatly in such parameters: their calorie content is increased, the amount of easily digestible protein is also high, as is the amount of easily digestible fats (SCT). It is also for these children to use the adaptation of carbohydrates: add maltodextrin and glucose, lower the content of lactose. In such mixtures, the amount of vitamins D, C and E.

We take into account the weight of the baby

When choosing a mixture it is necessary to take into account the importantMoment: if a premature baby weighs less than 1.8 kg, until this weight is reached, it should be fed with Nutrilon Pre 0 and Similac Special Care products.

premix infant formula

Any other mixture for a premature babyIt is recommended to apply when the weight of the baby exceeds the mark of 1.8 kg and until the weight in three kilograms is accumulated. And after reaching this mark, the baby can be transferred to a mixture for full-term babies.

What should I pay attention to caring mothers

Some mothers are sure that, if to translatekid on the mixture, all the problems will be solved by themselves, without any effort on their part. But because breast milk is a kind of medicine, taking that baby is treated, its immunity is strengthened. That is why it is necessary to preserve this kind of feeding as long as possible for the longest time. It is forbidden to breast-feed a child only if the mother has a rare hereditary disease - leucinosis, galactosemia, phenylketonuria. These ailments can so transform the metabolism that the components of the milk will cease to be processed normally, but, on the contrary, will develop toxins that will have a negative impact on the development and brain of the baby. In this case, you need to choose a special diet, in which there is a restriction of some carbohydrates and amino acids.

 mixture for premature and small children

Medicinal infant formulas are all the same medicines andThey should be used only for the doctor's prescription and solely under his supervision. Many of them too restrict the baby's nutrition, and in all respects it can not be called full-fledged. Consequently, the term of their application should be selected from a reasonable point of view. Important is the fact that the cost of therapeutic mixtures is too high, and it is very difficult to find them.

A premature baby and a baby that weighs little

Particular attention is given to weight gain and generalthe development of preterm babies and small children with small weight. Therefore, the mixture for premature and small children should be qualitatively different from that of common carp. The difference should be present in the protein component of the mixture, because it is the baby that is most needed.

milk formula for premature babies

That's why in a situation where mom can notto feed the baby with breast milk, he is prescribed special necessary for him exactly the mixture - nulevki. It can also be a mixture for premature and small children. Reviews Mommy contains words of gratitudemanufacturers, because often because of such mixtures, the kids gain the necessary weight and receive all the nutrients. Particularly warm words are intended for the mixture "Similak", in which there are a lot of the same nutrients as in breast milk. There are prebiotics necessary for the proper development of the intestinal microflora.

Content of mixtures

Such mixtures contain the necessary babyproteins in a larger number. This was achieved due to whey proteins. This is how premature babies should eat. The nutrition of the mixture in this situation should be carried out with special attention. Preterm and small babies are slightly more susceptible to the influence of the environment, they are slightly weaker than other youngsters.

mixtures for premature infants reviews

In order for babies to better assimilate the mixture, a specialthe fat molecules are also selected. Carbohydrates are added to the mixture in the form of dextrin and lactose, so that the food is better absorbed by the baby. Taurine is also added here, which is of no small importance for the formation of the nervous system, and balanced minerals. Producers, calling such mixtures, add a prefix PRE or the number "0": "Humana 0", "Pre NAN", "Friso-pre", "Pre-Nutrilon".

A special approach

Preterm baby, as well as those crumbs thatwere born on time, but with a very small weight (up to 2.5 kg), need special nutrition and care. Naturally, the best nutrition for them will be breast milk. Nature very wisely ordered: it is the mothers of such children, it is slightly different in its composition: it contains more microelements, vitamins necessary for the child; there are also those fatty acids that are not synthesized.

premature babies food mixture

It happens that breastfeeding is impossiblefor some reasons. Then you should immediately select a mixture for a premature baby or a kid malovnogo - special, which is designed exclusively for the needs of kids who did not gain the necessary weight, and premature baby.

"PRE Nutrilon" and "Nan PRE"

For an example of good nutrition for kids, consider these two mixtures.

So, a mixture for a premature baby "PRENutilon. " Satisfies the needs of children in energy and nutrients. The mixture can ensure the accumulation of nutrients all at the same rate as during the intrauterine development - in the third trimester of pregnancy. On the still immature metabolic systems of crumbs, it has the most minimal load. Milk mixture for premature babies "PRET Nutilon" is intended for karapuzikov until they reach a weight of 3-3.5 kilograms.

mixture for premature and small children reviews

Other useful mixtures for premature infants,reviews about which are mostly positive (they can be read both in printed publications and heard from personal conversations from mothers) have been successfully tested by many parents. The greatest amount of kind words you can hear about "Nan PRE". Mom says that to taste (the kids really like) the mixture is not too sweet and not fresh, and in composition (and in this case, especially for such crumbs, this is the most important thing) it is very high quality. The manufacturer always takes into account the age features and needs of the carp. Children always eat the mixture with appetite, almost never refusing the proposed meal. It is very well absorbed by small consumers. And for moms there is a certain comfort: a spoon can be put on special sides of the can, so it's not necessary (as in the application of other mixtures), to climb hands into the jar to scoop it for cooking.

The aforementioned mixtures are used for prematuritybabies and little goats with low weight. They contain a modern fatty component with two acids - docosahexaenoic and arachidonic - which simply need a carapace for intellectual and psychomotor development, for the central nervous system and the formation of the vision function. In the mixtures there is a unique protein complex, in which a very high content of whey protein (70%); it is very easy to digest and can meet the increased needs of premature baby crumbs.

How to choose the right mix for your baby?

To the choice of a mixture for artificial feedingthe baby should be approached very carefully, only after examination of the baby by the pediatrician and his consultations. Of course, the best mixture for premature babies is the one their parents choose. All of them should know the principles according to which one should choose the food for the baby:

  1. For newly born babies, an exclusively adapted mixture is suitable, because it is more like breast milk, better digested and absorbed by the baby.
  2. When choosing a mixture, you should pay attention to age recommendations, that is, it should fully correspond to the age and weight of the baby.
  3. If the child has problems with health or digestion, parents should choose specialized or therapeutic mixtures.
    the best mixture for premature babies
  4. Not paying attention to the numerous commercials, we need to study the composition of the purchased mixture. It is better to choose one in which there is no rapeseed or palm oil.
  5. Particular attention should be paid to the shelf life of the purchased mixture.
  6. After the application of the mixture, the mother shouldTo track the reaction of the child's body to new food. If there are problems with digestion or an allergy, immediately go to the pediatrician for an appointment. Perhaps, in this case, the mixture is not suitable for the baby and it is necessary to replace it.

In general, whatever power parents choose for their baby, the main thing is that it does not harm the child. But a healthy baby is the main thing!

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