Veterinary Clinic, Tambov. How to choose the best?

For the provision of veterinary care at homeAnimals in Tambov have specialized veterinary clinics. Medical care for pets can be required at any time of the day, so some clinics work around the clock. Also, if necessary, you can order a visit to the house of a veterinarian.

veterinary clinic of tambov

Even perfectly healthy animals are requiredregular vaccinations, especially in the first months and years of life. Attentive and loving owners will not rely on luck, but will entrust the life of their pet to a professional doctor. The choice of veterinary services in Tambov is very wide, medical assistance is provided with the use of specialized modern equipment and effective medications, in complex and emergency cases, surgical operations are performed, which are accompanied by the necessary pre- and postoperative services and care.

Veterinary and Diagnostic Center "Veta"

More than 10 years in Tambovveterinary and diagnostic center "Veta". The main building on the street. Moskovskaya, d. 1a and two branches (Yuzhny on Sovetskaya Street, 39 and Severny on Chicherin Street, 58) from 9.00 to 21.00 accept their shaggy and feathered patients.

That animals were healthy, veterinary clinicsin Tambov offer all the conditions for diagnosing diseases and accurate biochemical research on modern equipment. Various specialists - from therapists and surgeons to dentists and oncologists - quickly and skillfully will help patients with pets. The center has a modern laboratory, an operating room and treatment rooms. In the case of incompatibility of the animal's disease with life in the veterinary clinic of Tambov, services are provided for lulling and cremation.

veterinary clinic aibolit tambov

In the center of "Veta" also operate a pet store, a veterinary pharmacy and a grooming salon. Specialists of "Veta" will provide owners and their pets with long communication and joy of health.

24-hour veterinary clinic in Tambov

At the address. Astrakhan, 37a is a 24-hour clinic "Aibolit", which has the widest range of services for pets.

round-the-clock veterinary clinic of tambov

For diagnosis and treatment of diseases the following services are offered:

  • biochemical examination of blood and urine of the animal;

  • Ultrasound of internal organs;

  • surgery, traumatology, dental services;

  • oncological examination and treatment;

  • immunization and vaccination of animals;

  • selection of dietary food for your pet;

  • assistance to the animal during childbirth, obstetric care.

In the veterinary clinic "Aibolit" in Tambov there is a round-the-clock medical care, and also if the sick animal can not be transported, a specialist can visit the house.

Veterinary clinic "White Fang", Tambov

Vetclinik "White Fang" takes homepets at the addresses of Tambov, ul. Sovetskaya, 161 and st. Ryleeva, 100b. The clinic has a wide range of services - from consultations, laboratory research and sterilization to the treatment of complex chronic diseases of domestic and exotic animals. In the clinic there is a mobile laboratory, with the help of which necessary analyzes can be taken from a sick animal at the exit to the house.

veterinary clinic tambov reviews

The staff of the clinic will also help to selectspecialist in exclusive services, such as equipment and cleaning of aquaria of different eco-environments, advising on legislation on the protection of the health of domestic and wild animals. On the site of the clinic you can find a lot of information on various issues of animal maintenance, extensive educational work is being carried out. Specialists of "White Fang" help future veterinarians in the training and preparation for the conduct of their own medical practice.

Reviews about veterinary clinics in Tambov

Domain content and treatment areahas always been full of conflicting opinions and emotional tension, since on the one hand, animals are not people, and too much attention to their health and care for many causes just indignation and discontent, supposedly at the expense of suffering relatives who deserve more attention.

On the other hand, the owners of "our smaller brothers"not only care for their pets, but also in every way popularize the idea of ​​humane treatment of animals, teach society to pay attention to the weak and defenseless, which ultimately has a beneficial effect on the same people - children, the elderly, poor citizens, which is important for our hard-core, materially oriented society.

veterinary clinic tambov reviews

Reviews about the veterinary centers of Tambov are also fullopposing opinions, diverse assessments, immense gratitude and angry, annoyed and bitterly loss of stories. The main objects of discussion, both positive and negative, are the three clinics described in this article. Also a large number of good words are said about the veterinarian "Good Doctor" on the street. Schlichter, №3b, which perfectly performs its services for very reasonable prices and around the clock.</ span </ p>

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