Caring for a dachshund: features of keeping and feeding a pet

Dachshunds are popular all over the world.Despite its growth and short legs, this dog is muscular and mobile. She has a strong elongated body. She is mischievous, funny and inventive. Smart, brave, at the same time touchy and proud - it is such a dachshund, the content of which is simple, but it includes some key features.

Taxes can be smooth-haired, long-haired andwire-haired. Smooth-haired dog has a smooth, shiny, short, adhering coat. Care for the dachshund includes special care for her hair. It should be scrubbed with a special brush. If the hair is short, it will be enough to wipe with a towel or a piece of velvet.

The paws of a dog returning from a walk needwipe with a damp cloth, and if it is not afraid of water - wash with warm water under the shower. If the dog is very dirty during the walk, it should be washed thoroughly using shampoo. Shampoo should be special, branded, designed only for dogs of this breed. In general, it is desirable not to get used to using such tools. For a puppy, aged 4-5 months, bathing is generally contraindicated.

Caring for a taxi can sometimes be a bitcomplicated. However, the guarantee of the dog's health and the peace of the owner is the proper maintenance of the dachshund, including timely walking. Despite the fact that her hair is short, it can start up such parasites as fleas or ticks. To combat them there are special preparations in the form of soap, powder, spray, drops. You can buy a special collar. Before using the drug, you need to read the instructions, in addition to the one given to you in the veterinary pharmacy. The use of any medicine is calculated on the age of the dog, its weight, the type of wool and the tolerability of the preparations (no allergic reactions to the components of the drug), on the diseases transferred by the dog, the degree of its infection with insects. Take this seriously so that your pet is not affected by the treatment.

The owner of the dachshund should also pay attention to andclaws of a pet. The dog must be taught from an early age to cut the claws. For this, you need to purchase special coagulases. Crop the claws of the puppy very carefully, so as not to hurt and damage the areas saturated with blood vessels. Having first time with the puppy to the vet at the reception, you will have the opportunity to see how to do it correctly and painlessly.
It is not necessary to cut off an adult dog with claws, as required, it sticks its "manicure" on the asphalt.

The eyes of the dog also need care, with them notthere will be problems if in the mornings and, if necessary, wipe them with moist cotton wool. Slime in the corners of the eyes, formed after the night, also need to be removed. If suddenly the mucous discharge from the dog's eyes became more abundant than always - without hesitation, lead the dog to the doctor. An experienced specialist will prompt and help cure your dachshund.

The dachshund ears, as well as the eyes, need to be inspected,and, if necessary, cleanse the accumulation of sulfur with a cotton fleece wrapped around a match. In the pet store you need to buy special drops, designed for soft cleaning of the dog's ears.

Little puppies do not care about the problem of teeth, butThe older the dog becomes, the more closely you need to treat the teeth. Adult animals suffer from tartar, because of which in the future there is an unpleasant odor from the mouth. If the stones are not removed in time, it can create many serious problems. Caring for a tax includes the solution of this problem. To prevent this from happening, you need to visit the veterinarian on time, buy a special bone, which the dog can sharpen teeth, use a special medicinal paste.

"How to care for dachshunds?" - a simple matter.The special maintenance of a dachshund does not demand. Like all dogs, he likes to walk, and also to practice regularly. As the puppy grows, special attention is paid to strengthening and developing the muscles of the back. To do this, it is necessary to walk with him often, if possible - to swim.

In no case can you overfeed your dog, it can lead to obesity, increased strain on the spine, it is possible his injury.

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